Sue Mayborn Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sue Mayborn

The Baylor Family is made up of individuals – of men and women who hold a deep commitment to this institution and whose support of its programs is as rich and as varied as the students who are drawn to campus. The support of even one alumnus, parent or friend can create transformational change for students within a department.

For Baylor's Department of Journalism, Public Relations and New Media, Sue Mayborn is that alumna. The owner, editor and publisher of the Temple Daily Telegram and the Killeen Daily Herald, Sue Mayborn is known across the state of Texas for her commitment to journalistic excellence and support of higher education.

At Baylor, this dedication resulted in the establishment of the Sue Mayborn Endowed Scholarship Fund in 2014. The scholarship provides significant support for high-achieving undergraduate students majoring in journalism, and student testimonials point to the impact of this scholarship.

"I am so grateful for the Sue Mayborn Endowed Scholarship, I have been able to focus on my education and turn my dreams into reality," Journalism Senior BrenShavia Jordan wrote recently. "As a wife and mother, I started my college journey later in life, but this was an indicator that I am on the right path. I am grateful God led me to a school like Baylor University, and I am blessed for the generosity of people like you helping to guide me along my journey."

BrenShavia wrote that she hopes to continue in the Journalism field upon graduation through a career in broadcast news and entertainment. Hers is one of many stories that begin with a student with financial need finding the support and resources they need to succeed in the Sue Mayborn Endowed Scholarship.

This scholarship is part of a long legacy for Sue Mayborn and her late husband, legendary Central Texas journalist and community leader Frank Mayborn. With an unflagging commitment to higher education, Frank and Sue provided endowment support in the form of scholarships and fellowships at institutions of higher education throughout Texas, as well as supporting their local Temple community.

Sue's commitment to students and to education is evident. In addition to the endowed scholarship in Journalism, Sue Mayborn has provided endowment support for Baylor students interning in Washington, D.C., though her most enduring mark on the institution is through her support of the Sue and Frank Mayborn Natural Science and Cultural History Museum Complex, also known as the Mayborn Museum.

Through her generosity, Sue has invested significantly in the Museum's original construction in 2004 and in subsequent improvements as well as an endowment to provide continuing improvement funds. Through her gifts, Sue has helped Baylor to reach out to the Central Texas educational community, providing engaging, exciting and interactive spaces that inspire children to learn and explore, while also providing Baylor students with an active classroom laboratory where they can learn critical skills in teaching, as well as museum studies.

Within Baylor Journalism, students simply regard Sue Mayborn as part of their Baylor journey. Her decision to establish an endowed scholarship is directly tied to their place at Baylor, and that has left an enduring mark on her scholarship recipients.

"I would not be able to attend Baylor University without financial support," Baylor Senior Emily Anderson wrote recently of the impact of the Sue Mayborn Endowed Scholarship. "The courses I have taken in the journalism department have helped me to thoroughly explore my passions of writing and editing, and faculty guidance paired with course instruction has prepared me for a successful career for when my time at Baylor must end. If it weren't for (her) support, I would not be able to pursue my dream career in journalism, or even attend Baylor, which has been the most fulfilling experience of my life. (She has) my deepest gratitude."