School of Education

The School of Education has set an ambitious goal to raise $25 million as part of the Give Light Campaign in order to advance the priorities and areas of growth highlighted within Illuminate, the University Strategic Plan.

During the Give Light Campaign, the School of Education will focus their fundraising efforts in the following areas:

The following are the School of Education’s highest priority fundraising projects that are being highlighted in the current phase of the Give Light Campaign. The School will bring forward other opportunities for the Baylor Family to support the talented students and faculty within the School of Education.

Endowed Scholarships

Teachers can have a transformational impact in the lives of their students. They fulfill a great need in society. But to attain their dreams of becoming a teacher, Baylor’s education majors must have the support of scholarships. For those who have significant financial need, the debt associated with seeking a degree in a helping field such as teaching can be daunting.

Investment in today’s students will ensure tomorrow’s classrooms are filled with highly skilled, compassionate professionals who value education’s impact on society. The School of Education is calling upon members of the Baylor Family to support our students through the following two ways:

  • Endowed Scholars Fund: A gift of $500,000 to establish a named Scholars fund to provide enhanced learning opportunities within the context of a scholarship program within the School of Education.
Endowment and Current Support for Programs

The School of Education is calling upon the Baylor Family to support its academic programs and academic centers through gifts to endowment and to current funds. Endowment gifts provide sustaining, permanent funding, helping to ensure the continued impact of the School’s programs and services.

Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities: $2.35 million

The Baylor Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD) trains undergraduate and graduate students to conduct innovative research, provide specialized clinical and support services and pursue effective interventions through three existing clinics: The Baylor Autism Resource Clinic, The Clinic fir Assessment, Research and Education, and The Baylor Spring Literacy Clinic. The following funding needs will allow the Center to expand and enhance its support of the community and its effectiveness in teaching its future teachers:

  • Professorship in Research & Educational Psychology
  • Program Director Endowment
  • Clinics for Learning & Children with Developmental and Behavioral Disabilities Endowment
  • Undergraduate Assistantship or Graduate Fellowship
  • Research Fund Endowment

Center for Christian Education: $1.5 million

Baylor’s Center for Christian Education equips school leaders in K-12 schools for impactful, innovative, mission-minded service in faith-based schools in the United States and around the world. The funding goals for the Center for Christian Education include:

  • Program Director Endowment
  • Academies for Transformational Leadership in Christian Schools
  • Lectureship in Faith & Learning
  • Undergraduate Assistantship or Graduate Fellowship Endowment

The Baylor Teachers Institute: $4.05 million

The School of Education is widely recognized as an institution that provides quality professional development for public school educators. Built on the faculty’s belief in the transformative power of education and its impact on human flourishing, our work will offer the fuel, knowledge and inspiration that teachers need to thrive as educators. The Institute is in need of the following endowment resources to support its work for the School and our teachers:

  • Chair Endowment
  • Professorship Endowment
  • Beginning Teachers Academy
  • Summer Workshops and Camps