Hankamer School of Business

The Hankamer School of Business has set an ambitious goal to raise $125 million as part of the Give Light Campaign in order to advance the priorities and areas of growth highlighted within Illuminate, the University Strategic Plan.

During the Give Light Campaign, the Hankamer School of Business will focus their fundraising efforts in the following areas:

  • Endowed scholarships to meet the needs of students and remove barriers to their Baylor education.
  • Endowment and expendable funds to bolster programmatic capacity and provide rich learning experiences.
  • Faculty endowment to provide recruiting support and sustaining funding for elite faculty who can lead their departments and provide compelling research that will inform and enrich the academy.
Expanding Student Scholarships: $25 million

Students in the Hankamer School of Business make up nearly 25 percent of the total student enrollment at Baylor University. With such a large enrollment, the competition for scholarships is high. Baylor Business must increase its scholarship endowment.

Building Programmatic Endowment: $25 million

Endowment is critical to securing the future of the Hankamer School of Business. Growth in endowment supports the programs and opportunities that have distinguished the Hankamer School of Business as a leader in higher education. The School has set a goal of raising $10 million in endowment funding for the Baylor Business Fellows program. The program, which serves nearly 300 of the School’s brightest students, requires endowment funding in order to provide sustained, dedicated programmatic support for one of Baylor Business’s flagship programs. The School is also seeking $15 million in endowment support for all other departments and programmatic initiatives.

Equipping Policymakers: $37.5 million

The Hankamer School of Business (HSB) prepares its students to be leaders capable of shaping the national conversation surrounding issues of business, policy and ethics. To further strengthen this position, the Business School must invest in areas like the John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and the Robbins Institute for Health Policy & Leadership.

Through a range of initiatives, the Baugh Center and the Robbins Institute aim to become nationally recognized for their involvement in shaping the discussion surrounding public policy within their respective areas. Strategic expansion and donor support will allow the Baugh Center and the Robbins Institute to strengthen their positions as destinations for those who want not only to understand entrepreneurship and healthcare but to make a difference as policymakers and innovative leaders.

Training Ethical Leaders: $10 million

The Business School is nationally known for producing graduates who excel as capable, critically thinking professionals as well as leaders with a deep commitment to ethical practices. To further enhance the resources of our faculty and staff in teaching and researching the role of ethics and leadership in the marketplace, the Business School is seeking funding to advance research and the national discussions surrounding ethical leadership. Central to this enterprise is the development of an Institute for Principled Leadership that will lead new academic programming, increase faculty positions and provide new opportunities for research in the field.

Preparing Problem Solvers: $25.5 million

Baylor and HSB are adapting to ensure our students learn the skills necessary to become creative problem solvers and skilled decisionmakers. While business analytics has been a part of the Baylor Business curriculum for years, the growing complexity of data collection, security and interpretation require a renewed focus and expanded scope. The Business School is seeking funding to enhance programming and research surrounding cybersecurity issues and business analytics and to expand a certificate program in Energy Commerce that prepares BBA students of any major for careers in the energy industry.