Engineering & Computer Science

The School of Engineering and Computer Science has set an ambitious goal to raise $50 million as part of the Give Light Campaign in order to advance the priorities and areas of growth highlighted within Illuminate, the University Strategic Plan.

During the Give Light Campaign, the School of Engineering and Computer Science will focus their fundraising efforts in the following areas:

The following are the School of Engineering and Computer Science’s highest priority fundraising projects that are being highlighted in the current phase of the Give Light Campaign. The School will bring forward other opportunities for the Baylor Family to support the talented students and faculty within the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Endowed Student Scholarships: $23.75 million

In response to the goals of Illuminate, Dean Dennis O’Neal has charged faculty members with increasing their efforts in scientific discovery. The School is seeking funding for postdoctoral fellowships and research funds, providing the capacity for faculty to conduct research while still investing in students in the classroom. The School is seeking support through endowed recruitment scholarships to attract talented students while keeping them at Baylor through retainment scholarships.

Faculty and Programmatic Endowment: $31 million

In order to expand the depth and breadth of the School of Engineering and Computer Science’s teaching and academic inquiry, Dean O’Neal and his faculty have identified the following priority areas for strategic growth and fundraising:

  • Mechanical Engineering:
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Sustainable Energy
    • Healthy Aging
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Wireless Technology
    • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Computer Science
    • Bioinformatics
    • Cyber Security
    • Simulated Environments

The School is seeking to grow its resources and faculty support through the establishment of endowed faculty positions and programmatic support in order to recruit faculty leaders for its departments who will grow its programs and help the school remain relevant and forward-focused.

Humanitarian Engineering and Outreach: $6.75 million

As a Christian institution, Baylor attracts mission-minded students who are eager to make a difference and who look to the institution to help equip them with the skills necessary to make an impact. The School of Engineering and Computer Sciences has responded to such student interest by creating the Humanitarian Engineering concentration, which continues to draw students to the School. In order to better equip our students, as well as to meet the demand for this area of study, the School is seeking funding for endowed faculty positions to grow the concentration into a program. Further endowment funding is needed to increase the number of students able to participate in discipline-specific mission trips, as well as funding for community outreach projects.