Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences has set an ambitious goal to raise $160 million as part of the Give Light Campaign in order to advance the priorities and areas of growth highlighted within Illuminate, the University Strategic Plan.

During the Give Light Campaign, the College of Arts & Sciences will focus their fundraising efforts in the following areas:

  • Endowed scholarships to meet the needs of students and remove barriers to their Baylor education.
  • Endowment and expendable funds to bolster programmatic capacity and provide rich learning experiences.
  • Faculty endowment to provide recruiting support and sustaining funding for elite faculty who can lead their departments and provide compelling research that will inform and enrich the academy.
Endowed Student Scholarships: $40 million

Currently, 91% of Baylor undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, whether from scholarship support, federal loans or private grants. The Baylor Family’s support of scholarships continues to be critical to Baylor’s growth. Undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships and post-doctoral fellowships will help advance the mission and vision of Baylor. In order to continue attracting and retaining outstanding students — those students who excel academically and who seek out opportunities to shine for Christ in this world — we must increase the amount of scholarship support available to our students.

Endowed Excellence Funds: $20 million

Illuminate calls Baylor faculty to engage in multidisciplinary academic initiatives and contribute as mentors to undergraduate and graduate students through high-impact learning experiences. Gifts to endowed excellence funds provide lasting support to launch and sustain work in areas that reflect the highest priorities of the University. Endowed funds enable an investment in discretionary resources to pursue bold ideas, in which faculty can invest. Future pursuits through projects and partnerships support an environment where innovation leads to discovery.

Faculty Endowment: $80 million

The need to recruit and retain qualified, gifted and nationally renowned faculty is critical to accomplishing the goals set forth within Illuminate. Prestigious chairs and professorship positions, secured by endowed funds dedicated to the long-term support of programs and research, will help the University attract outstanding Christian scholars. We are also seeking funding for graduate fellowships to attract highly qualified graduate students who can provide research support to ease the burden to help faculty remain in the classroom.