National Campaign Steering Committee

National Campaign Steering Committee

Thank you, to our vital partners who have committed to represent Baylor and build support for the success of our campaign.

Campaign Co-Chairs

    Pat and Bill Carlton
    Paul and Alejandra Foster
    Dan and Jenni Hord
    Mark* and Paula Hurd
    John and Nancy Jackson
    Mark and Jennifer McCollum

Alumni Board

    Lori and Erich Baker
    Hunter and Michelle DiTallo
    Trent and Julie Hughes
    Phil and Adriane Lakin
    Meredith Pinson-Creasey and David Creasey
    Brad and Wendy Steele

At-Large Campus Representatives

    Jay and Jenny Allison
    Joel and Diane Allison
    Robert and Laura Beauchamp
    Brett and Chana Beene
    Marsha and Danny Bowlin
    Ken and Celia Carlile
    William Cassara
    Dan and Nancy Chapman
    Kevin and Kris Cherry
    Jerry and Mark Clements
    Harold and Ann Cunningham
    Andrea and Douglas Dixon
    Malcolm and Desiree Foley
    Jeremy and Kristy Fudge
    Milton and Debbie Hixson
    David and Amy Hodge
    Harmon and Lea Kong
    Roger and Julie Lowe
    Jeff and Cindy Reeter
    Kevin and Leslie Rhea
    Bill and Mary Jo Robbins
    Clifton and Betsy Robinson
    Dusty and Dana Sanderson
    Randy and Stacy Sharp
    Randy and Janna Slechta
    Phil Stewart
    Rick and Becky Welday
    Ron and Betty Wilson
    Gaynor Yancey

Baylor Athletics

    Jeff and Debbie Wooley

Baylor Board of Regents

    Jennifer and Hal Elrod
    Sarah and Brad Gahm
    Shelley and Louie Giglio
    Cary and Amber Gray
    Larry and Caroline Heard
    Neal and Sheila Jeffrey
    Mark and Patty Lovvorn
    Katie and Justin Luningham
    René and Sabrina Maciel
    Jill and Chris Manning
    Bill and Tanya Mearse
    Michael and Cynthia McFarland
    Melissa and David Mines
    Alicia and Lloyd Monroe
    Cassidy Parshall
    Aubin and Mark Petersen
    Randy and Myra Pullin
    Todd and Anna Reppert
    Mark and Debra Rountree
    Debbie and Manny Ruiz
    Bill and Tammy Simon
    Carol and David Slover
    Kim and Kenny Stevens
    Jim and Julie Turner
    Randall Umstead
    Dennis and Cindy Wiles
    Gordon and Lori Wilkerson

Baylor Law

    Gary and Susan Baker
    Steve and Alyce Beard
    Tom and Cindy Brown
    George and Martha Chandler
    Jennifer and Ryan Lindsey
    Mark and Debbie Mann
    Mike and Bunny Tibbals

Baylor Leadership Council

    Doug and Sheryl Bech
    John and Wendy Cadeddu
    Robert and Lynda Copple
    Ben and Julie Davis
    David and Susan Dial
    Will and Carolyn Fair
    Jon and Laura Foster
    Jimmy and Katie Garrison
    Jack and Shelley Harper
    David and Amy Hunt
    Michael Johnson and Armine Shamiryan
    Paco and Kay Jordan
    David and Shirley Lake
    Tom and Suzanne Martin
    Don and Faith Martin
    Kenneth and Stacy Mattson
    Todd and Amy Patterson
    Danny and Lenn Prince
    John and Kelly Rainey
    Kyle and Jamie Stallings
    Kirk and Carol Townsend

College of Arts & Sciences

    David and Dinah Cummings
    Tom and Martha Day
    John and Ann Howard
    Jim and Lisa Meyerhoff
    Brent and Carole Perry

Diana R. Garland School of Social Work

    John and Rachel Anderson
    Larry and Mandy Powell
    Tom and Pat Powers

George W. Truett Theological Seminary

    Delvin and Brenda Atchison
    Elizabeth Biedrzycki
    Steve and Missy Wells

Hankamer School of Business

    John and Nikki Bell
    Beth and Mitchell Casteel
    Steven and Beth Jarvie

Honors College

    Joe and Kelly Armes
    Jay and Dana Dickens
    Ken and Shanna Jaeger
    Bob and Suzy Mighell

Louise Herrington School of Nursing

    Brad and Angela Bowman
    Stephen and Kari Haywood
    Mike and Pamela Jones
    Don and Sue Wills

Parent Leadership Circle

    Jeff and Cara Price
    Mark and Monica von Waaden

Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences

    Mike and Micki Maris

School of Engineering and Computer Science

    Jay and Tara Battershell
    Ryan and Jennifer Malone

School of Music

    Giancarlo and Shirley Guerrero
    Carey and Stacie Hendrickson

University Libraries

    D. M. Edwards