Estimated Costs

Most financial aid and scholarship awards can be applied to Baylor-approved study abroad. Additional scholarships are available through the German Division and the Center for International Education at Baylor University.

The following are estimated costs for the Spring/Summer Semester in Freiburg:

Mandatory March Sprachlehrinstitut (SLI) "Modul B" Intensive Course
(includes room, program, wiring fee): 900*
Meals @ $25/day: 750
HTH Health Insurance: 50
Incidentals: 100
Total: $1800
*Limited scholarships are available to reimburse SLI room/program fees

Semester (April through July)
Room (6-month lease agreement for dorm): 1800
Meals: 3000
HTH Health Insurance: 200
Incidentals: 200

Travel during holidays and breaks: 750
Airfare: 1000

Total: $8750 (with scholarship: $7850)