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Additional Interests

Favorite German book: Ein Tag im Jahr 1960-2000 by Christa Wolf. Imagine writing a journal to yourself every year on one day (27. September) for 40 years and then imagine your favorite author doing this so that you can "see" into her life and how life was for 40 years--a brilliant glimpse into her world.

Favorite game: card game Swap where the wild card makes you swap cards with another player--up to 10 players.

Most fascinating animal: cheetah. Did you know that cheetahs are the only cat species that first appeared in North America? The North American Cheetah was genetically the same as the cheetahs now at risk in Africa-and they are the reason why pronghorns (in the Western U.S.) run so fast. Check out cheetahs at the animal diversity website at University of Michigan!

Favorite vacation destinations:

1.) in the US: Colorado, Rocky Mountains

2.) German: Dresden and the Elbe River valley

3.) European: Tuscany

Favorite outdoor activities: running, hiking, gardening and reading mysteries.