Two Baylor students describe a typical day in Freiburg

Freiburg Postkarte (200w x 277h, 25 KB)

Ariana Towe and Jennifer Swanson (Freiburg '02)

Everyone’s experience in Freiburg is always unique and always memorable.  A typical day for a student would start with a trip to the bakery. There you can chose from a number of different pastries and breads for your breakfast.  After a something sweet, you are probably headed to the university. Most likely, you will be living in a Studentenwohnheim, and you will have a short commute to the Uni.  If you choose to take public transportation like the Strassenbahn or the Bus, you will arrive in the center of town within 10 minutes or less. Students are now able to purchase a discounted semester pass for the public transportation.  The majority of students ride their bike to university. 

The courses at Uni are set up in different ways.  They could include lecture, discussion, and/or group work. You could have a class full of foreigners like yourself, or you could be surrounded by Germans, which is a great way to learn the language.  Normally, you only meet once a week for each class. All classes are usually allotted a 2 hour time span (i.e. from 10:00-12:00). However, the professor will normally show up around a quarter past the hour.

Mittagspause is from noon to 2 o’clock.  Many businesses will close during this time and then reopen. Students usually headto the Mensa for lunch.  It is not necessarily known for its gourmet cooking; however, it does offer food at a reasonable price.  There are also numerous restaurants to enjoy, which offer German food as well as international cuisine. Finally, there is the open-air market, where you can find a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and warm Bratwurst.  You can also browse the numerous stands selling fresh produce, meat, crafts, pottery and beautiful fresh flowers. The market is set up around the historical Muenster, which is a towering cathedral visible from all over town.  

AG Freiburg Teilnehmerkarte (200w x 148h, 10 KB) A normal day in Freiburg also involves a trip to the University’s Bibliothek to study, research, or check your E-mail.  After you finish up at Uni, you could meet some friends and classmates at one of the local cafes and enjoy a cappuccino. From there, you might need to do a little grocery shopping before the stores close. You could also peruse some of the stores and boutiques that line the city streets. 

If the weather is nice, people will stop by Seepark to lounge around on the grass, play a game of soccer, or take a walk or a run around the lake.  During the Sommer Semester, many people have picnics around the lake and enjoy sunbathing. The same could be done along the Dreisam River, which runs through the town. 

At night, there are a number of different ways to entertain oneself. After dinner you can head to a movie, aconcert, a play, a bar, a club or a Biergarten. All are great cultural and social experiences.  There are always fliers posted throughout the city advertising upcoming events.

On the weekends many people enjoy skiing at Feldberg, hiking in the Black Forest, and traveling a short distance to France or Switzerland. Our semester stay in Freiburg was one of the best experiences we have ever had, and we highly recommend this program to all students interested in going.