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100 Euro 1. Scholarships within the Division:

The German Division offers scholarships for majors and minors in German, and for students participating in Baylor in Germany - Dresden. All scholarships are based on merit and need and are decided by the German faculty. Recipients are honored at special German Division events, and their names appear in the appropriate university publications.

Scholarships range between $500 and $3,000. They include the following:

1. German at Baylor. Tuition scholarships are awarded to Baylor German majors or minors, or the equivalent (University Scholars etc.), enrolled in German courses at Baylor who have completed four semesters or the equivalent. These awards range between $500-$3000 for an academic year.

German Scholarship Applications are due March 30, 2015.

Delta Phi Alpha scholarship for junior & seniors!  See Frau Abercrombie for more information.

Baylor in Germany. Tuition scholarships are also available for participants in the Baylor in Germany - Dresden program. See Dr. Jennifer Good for details.

Semester or Year Abroad. Tuition remission is available for German majors to study at approved universities in Germany (Freiburg, Bochum, Leipzig), Austria (Graz), or Switzerland (Basel). Freiburg is Baylor's official exchange university for Germany, while Bochum, Leipzig, Graz, and Basel are part of the competitive MAUI-Utrecht network for which Baylor financial agreements apply. Same application as for German at Baylor, regardless of what semester is chosen for study.

2. Baylor internal scholarships
Glennis McCrary Goodrich International Scholarship (administered through Baylor Center for International Education). For semester and summer abroad programs. Heed deadlines!

3. External Scholarships

Fulbright Scholar Program!

DAAD for undergraduates. Download this powerpoint.

Baylor's page for national and international scholarships