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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität in Freiburg

Program Director:
Alte Universitaetsbibliothek (212w x 206h, 14 KB)Dr. Ann McGlashan
Old Main, Rm 207
(254) 710-4282

Baylor's direct exchange program with Freiburg means 1) an average of three Baylor students are guaranteed positions in the university at any given time; 2) credit applies to Baylor for all approved courses taken; 3) German majors or minors who have successfully completed four semesters of college German and can demonstrate German skills at least in the B1 range are encouraged to apply.

Term(s): Students should attend either for Semester II or for the full academic year. Semester II begins in March with a preparatory German course from the Sprachlehrinstitut, followed by the regular "Sommersemester" from April through July. The full academic year begins in September with the preparatory German course.


Procedures for Application

1. Tell the German Division that you are serious about studying in Freiburg, and express when you want to do it. Attend any interest meetings. Usually, you will be asked to take a standardized placement exam.

2. Get started on bearsabroad! Attend a required Study Abroad session. Questions: Mr. Bobby Leis.

3. Submit Program Participation Forms by the appointed deadline (also contained in packets you receive during the required sessions) to Mr. Leis for the semester.

4. Fill out the Freiburg International Office application for entrance to Freiburg university and for a dorm room. Submit to Dr. McGlashan by the appointed deadline.

5. Bookmark the link and read this information provided by Freiburg U's International Office: Das Studierendenportal. This provides information about visa, health insurance, registering with the city, language courses, and more.

SLI-Gebaeude (w x h, 0 KB)6. Fill out the application for the March language course offered by the Sprachlehrinstitut, and for a room during this time. This applications are not always posted at predictable intervals online, so you should keep the following link bookmarked for checking regularly: Sprachlehrinstitut der Albert-Ludwigs-Uni Freiburg. Registration generally closes February 1 - a month before the courses begin. You will take a course that corresponds to your ability. If you test at A2-B1, you will take the regular language course, plus a crash course in Studying in Germany. If you test at B2 or higher, you may take the higher courses, without the crash course.

Procedures for Courses

The SLI offers more courses than your intensive course alone. It is possible that you will take a good cluster of your semester-long courses from SLI.

1. Browse a description of courses offered typically by the SLI:
Here are the courses that were offered in March 2007.
Here are the courses offered Winter Semester 07-08.

2. Then browse the online course catalog to get an idea of what courses are offered by departments such as Germanistik. You will need to view courses offered currently, or in archived list form -- not for the semester you want. Many of the courses from previous semesters are offered in similar form from year to year, however. You may thus base your proposed schedule on what has been offered in the past, then change if necessary once you are in Freiburg. Your courses are seminars, lectures, and "exercises." You will sign up in Freiburg for these courses. You must make sure a project of some sort is connected with the course: if not, suggest one to the instructor. It is not enough simply to attend. At the end of the semester, you need to provide postage-ready envelopes for sending your certificates to Baylor's Division of German. These can now be collected centrally by the International Office and sent on a transcript (Scheinaufstellung).

3. Discuss your ideas for courses with Dr. Wisely during the time that normal advising takes place in the fall or spring. Keep in mind that if you plan to take courses in other areas, you need to secure signatures after showing course descriptions. You will then submit your approved Equivalent Course Approval Form to Ms. Katie Erickson of International Student and Scholar Services in the Center for International Education. She registers approved students for IEX hours for the semester abroad.

Im Winter (w x h, 0 KB)

4. Apply for any scholarships, e.g. Goodrich (German Division Scholarships are awarded each spring for the following academic year). The deadline to submit a DAAD application is March 4, 2014, and a decision will be made by April 7, 2014.

5. Get answers to Freiburg questions here: "Ich bin in Freiburg--und jetzt?"

Dates and Deadlines:

* January 31, 2014: Deadline to apply for DAAD 2014-2015 school year scholarship.

* March 27, 2014: Deadline for German Division Scholarship for 2014-2015.

* March 15, 2014: Deadline to submit application for Fall 2014 semester (or the entire year) to Freiburg International Office. (See Dr. McGlashan)

* For Fulbright and other information on scholarship deadlines, applications, and procedures, see this CIE website.

Information at a glance:

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