Nathan Wright, PhD Student, Awarded Two External Student Grants

June 17, 2022
N. Wright
Nathan Wright was awarded the Paleontological Research Institution’s (PRI) student travel award of $500 to support travel to PRI in Ithaca, NY, for fossil collections-based research. This will be supporting work for Nathan’s dissertation chapter titled "Phanerozoic Trends in Host Preference, Frequency, Distribution, and Ecology of the Rogerella Barnacle Tracemaker”. He will be conducting a survey of marine invertebrate fossils in the collections for the presence of the trace fossil Rogerella.

The second grant Nathan was awarded is the NSF/GSA Graduate Research Award of $2500 to support his dissertation research titled "Assessing the Impact of Crustacean Trace-producing Parasites on Preservation of Decapod Hosts using Experimental Taphonomy”. Nathan will be traveling to St. Petersburg, FL, to conduct experiments in Tampa Bay using the facilities at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
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