Brian R. Clark, Baylor Geosciences Alumni, Now Deputy Program Coordinator with U.S.G.S.

October 25, 2021
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Brian R. Clark, Deputy Program Coordinator, Water Availability and Use Science Program - U.S.G.S.

Brian has led water resource investigations of groundwater and surface water computer model simulations in 12 States and six Countries. He recently served as the Geographic Information Specialist at the USGS providing support for database construction, project management planning, and web-application design. He has also served as adjunct faculty at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as Instructor of Hydrogeology.

Brian has authored or co-authored over a dozen USGS reports and has presented various work at over 19 professional conferences for 13 entities in 11 States with audiences ranging from students and water resource managers to an Army Colonel and Brigadier General.

Brian began his career in water resources at a water well construction company in northwest Arkansas installing submersible pumps and drilling wells for domestic and municipal use. He attended Arkansas Tech University, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Physical Science in 1998. While at Arkansas Tech, his interest in subsurface structure and processes led to a minor in geology where Dr. Steve Kline, Associate Professor of Geology, took the initiative to convince Brian to apply to graduate school.

While at Baylor, Brian served as both lab instructor and manager of the department drill rig. Opportunities outside the classroom while at Baylor included investigations into the efficiency of municipal water transport for the City of Dallas, a gas pipeline survey on Big Sandy Creek north of Beaumont, and the application of geophysical methods within a salt dome 1,500 feet below land surface. Brian graduated from Baylor with a Masters in Geology in 2000.
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