Luminescence Dose and Age Calculator

Luminescence Dose and Age Calculator

The Luminescence Dose and Age Calculator (LDAC) is a Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Application (VBA)-based package which can be used to assemble OSL age information and associated calculations. This platform applies statistical models to determine equivalent dose (De) values and render corresponding OSL age estimates. This software is fully applicable for De measurements by single grain and aliquot regeneration (SAR) and thermal transfer OSL (TT-OSL) protocols. It could also be used to calculate the dose rate and final buried age for geology/archaeology samples.

The LDAC is continuously being developed and improved. The most recent (July 2019) distribution of LDAC can be downloaded above.

Note: unzip the download file and the “LDAC (v1.0).xlsm” will be found.

Any bug-reports, suggestions, and even requirements for further developing the LDAC are warmly welcome. Please contact Peng Liang (; or Steve L. Forman (


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