Geology Field Camp Course

Geology Field Camp Course

Capstone Field Experience (GEO 46C3) is a geology field course that is taught entirely off campus.  Field camp is a tradition in the education of a geologist.  It is an intensive outdoor course that applies classroom and laboratory training to solving geologic problems in the field.  Baylor’s field camp emphasizes geologic mapping, styles of tectonism, and stratigraphic relationships.  Students can expect to experience the challenges of conducting geologic research in remote areas.  Baylor’s field camp conducts geologic exercises in the following areas:

Carbonate stratigraphy and depositional environments in the Permian Basin

Aeolian processes in White Sands National Monument

 Pennsylvanian stratigraphy of the San Andres Mountains

Recent volcanism in New Mexico

Fluvial and lacustrine stratigraphy of Petrified Forest National Park

Mapping thin skinned deformation in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Measuring section at the Grand Canyon

Mapping thrust faults in Ogden, Utah

Mapping glacial geomorphology in Stanley, Utah

Mapping the spatial distribution of water chemistry in Yellowstone National Park

Volcanic geology of Yellowstone National Park

Mapping and measuring section in the Cordilleran fold belt at Dinosaur National Monument

Mapping thick skinned deformation in the Southern San Juan Mountains, Colorado


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