Student Groups and Societies

Student Groups and Societies

The Department of Geosciences has two student-run societies for graduate and undergraduate students in the department. These societies sponsor and coordinate scientific and social events and activities within the department.  

Baylor Geological Society

The Baylor Geological Society - Student Chapter of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (BGS-AAPG) is a student-governed society that maintains an active interest in coordinating and participating in events and activities within the Department of Geosciences. For the latest news visit the BGS/AAPG Facebook Page.

The BGS-AAPG coordinates and hosts the following events:

1. Weekly Brownbag Seminar

These are weekly, informal, discussion driven meetings involving faculty and students designed for any graduate, undergraduate, or faculty to practice presentations, bounce around and solicit research ideas, and discuss current research.

2. Undergraduate Mentor Program

This program pairs an undergraduate with a graduate student for the academic year. Graduate students act as an additional resource for undergraduates seeking information about graduate school, career insight, presentation or writing feedback, networking, and general career and academic advice.

3. Visiting Professional Geoscientists

We strive to host professional geoscientists throughout the year to give talks on topics including: petroleum, alternative energy, and current research in many geology disciplines. Previous presentations have been given by professionals from Pioneer Natural Resources, Shell, ExxonMobil, Anadarko, Noble Energy, University of Wyoming, Sakarya University of Turkey, and BHL Boresight.

4. Community Service Outreach

The BGS has a long standing dedication to giving back to the Waco community. We participate in many volunteer activities including: home building with Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, canned food drives, and wrapping presents with Baylor’s Santa’s Workshop.

5. Social Gatherings

Our club activity has soared in recent years, and we like to show our appreciation to our members through planned social gatherings throughout the year. In past years, the BGS has hosted bowling nights, backyard barbeques, and tailgating at football games.

We are always looking for new opportunities. If you have any suggestions or ideas for future talks, community service, etc. don’t hesitate to contact us!

Ben Sadler

BGS President

Welcome to the Baylor Association for Women Geoscientists!

The Baylor Association for Women Geoscientist – Student Chapter of the Association for Women Geoscientists (BAWG – AWG) is a student-lead organization that aims to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for its members and to promote the professional development of women geoscientists. At Baylor, these goals will be achieved through networking, community, and mentorship.

The Baylor Chapter was founded in February 2018 and shortly after became an active organization on campus. BAWG led a workshop at the Women in the Academy (WITA) Conference in April 2018 at the Mayborn Museum with the screening of “The Bearded Lady Project” and panel discussion.  At the end of the spring semester, BAWG put on the first His/Her Story where faculty members shared about balancing one’s personal and professional lives. This event is unique to BAWG and was a success thanks to the faculty members’ willingness to share.

BAWG looks forward to hosting the following events in Fall 2018:

  1. Monthly His/Her Stories that alternates between students and faculty each month.
  2. A screening of “The Bearded Lady Project” for the geosciences department.
  3. Participate in a local high school college/career fair to encourage participation in the geosciences.

Email for any questions and be on the look out for social media updates on the Baylor Geosciences Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2018-2019 Executives:

Department of Geosciences

Baylor Sciences Building, Room D.409

(254) 710-2361