Dr. Jay Pulliam

Dr. Jay Pulliam
W.M. Keck Foundation Professor of Geophysics
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Research Areas:          

  • Energy Geosciences: Petroleum Geoscience
  • Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences:  Geophysics; Seismology; Geodesy
  • Lithospheric Processes:  Tectonics


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Biographical Sketch:

In my research I analyze seismic waves to image Earth structure and, hopefully, to better understand the processes by which the Earth has evolved to its current state. One common approach is to install a set of sensitive seismic instruments to target certain features and leave them in place to record earthquakes and other events for several years. The data we record can be analyzed to, for example, study characteristics of earthquakes or to produce three-dimensional models of the Earth’s interior.

My research group has recently made deployments, with colleagues, in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico, the Texas/Gulf of Mexico coastal plain, South Texas—broadly to study the processes additional terranes accreted to and modified Laurentia (North America’s old core) and the Dominican Republic, to study the complex plate boundary interactions that occur there.

In addition to the above, current projects include the development of an autonomous seismic array for automated processing of ambient noise data, for exploration and monitoring applications, and the development of joint modeling techniques for disparate types of geophysical data.

Department of Geosciences

Baylor Sciences Building, Room D.409

(254) 710-2361