Dr. Scott C. James

Dr. Scott C. James
Associate Professor
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Research Areas:          

  • Energy Geosciences: Petroleum geoscience; Renewable energy and biofuels;
  • Hydrological and Surface Processes:  Hydrogeology


  • Ph.D., University of California at Irvine

Biographical Sketch:

Scott James received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from UC San Diego with emphasis in computational fluid dynamics. In 2001, he graduated from UC Irvine with a doctorate in Engineering focused on solution of environmental flow and transport problems. Shortly thereafter, he joined Sandia National Laboratories to work on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, the only operating transuranic nuclear waste repository in the world, the Yucca Mountain Project for high-level nuclear waste storage, and on a wide variety of water-resources and renewable-energy problems. From 2012 to 2014, consulting for Exponent Incorporated, he focused on identifying the environmental impacts of marine renewable energy projects, modeling and optimizing algae growth for biofuel production, and sediments dynamics and water-quality simulations for surface-water systems including lakes, rivers, estuaries, and coastal shores. Since joining the Departments of Geosciences and Mechanical Engineering at Baylor University, in addition to working on various environmental fluid dynamics projects, Scott conducts research at the intersection of water and energy. This includes multiphase, multi-component, non-isothermal, non-isobaric enhanced oil recovery optimization simulations and simulating macroalgae (kelp) growth for biofuels. Expertise also extends to artificial neural networks for geologic facies identification and deep-learning models used as surrogates for computationally expensive physics-based models and. Scott has published over 80 peer-reviewed manuscripts and serves as Associate Editor to Ground Water and the ASCE Journal of Hydrology.

Department of Geosciences

Baylor Sciences Building, Room D.409

(254) 710-2361