Dr. James Fulton

Dr. James Fulton
Assistant Professor
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Research Areas:         

  • Biogeosciences: Stable isotope geochemistry, Organic geochemistry and biogeochemistry, Paleoclimatology, Geomicrobiology, and Geoarcheology
  • Energy Geosciences: Renewable energy and biofuels, Geochemistry, Stable isotope geochemistry, and Organic geochemistry and biogeochemistry
  • Paleoclimate: Geochemistry, Stable isotope geochemistry, Organic geochemistry and biogeochemistry, and Geoarcheology


  • Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Fulton completed his Ph.D. in Geosciences and Biogeochemistry at Penn State University in 2010, studying nitrogen isotope excursions in the sedimentary record. He was a Postdoctoral Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (2011-2013) where he studied algae-virus interactions and lipid export from surface to deep water masses. In 2013, Dr. Fulton moved to a faculty position at Baylor University as an Assistant Research Professor and started a new research project on organic biomarkers in desert microbiotic soil crust. Dr. Fulton is now an Assistant Professor in the Geosciences Department at Baylor and principle investigator of the new Microbial Biogeochemistry Lab, which was constructed in 2017-2018.

Department of Geosciences

Baylor Sciences Building, Room D.409

(254) 710-2361