Department of Geosciences

Baylor Geosciences focuses on integrative and interdisciplinary research, teaching, and service in Earth and planetary sciences.
About the Photo Students relaxing around the campfire following a day of fieldwork at Honaker Trail, Utah.


Research in the Department of Geosciences includes a wide range of topics and disciplines in Earth Sciences including Biogeosciences, Energy Geosciences, Paleoclimate, Solid Earth and Planetary Sciences, Surface and Hydrological Processes, and Lithospheric Processes.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Geosciences offers two graduate degrees: MS and PhD.

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Geosciences has three undergraduate programs: Majors in Geology, Geophysics, and Earth Science, minors in Geology and Earth Science, and a secondary major in Geology.

News and Events

Kenny Befus—Reading the Clues in Minerals and Gemstones Jun. 25, 2020 Kenny Befus, assistant professor of geosciences, is one of four Baylor faculty members to earn CAREER awards from the National Science Foundation this spring. Learn more about his research studying strains in minerals and gemstones as a record of geological forces. Baylor Faculty Earn Four NSF CAREER Development Awards Jun. 25, 2020 WACO, Texas (June 25, 2020) – Baylor University’s drive toward Research 1 (R1) status received a major boost this spring as four faculty members earned prestigious CAREER development awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The grants represent the largest number of CAREER awards earned by Baylor faculty in a single semester and nearly doubled the University’s total number of active CAREER awards to nine. Climate Warning at Africa’s Lake Victoria Jun. 9, 2020 Baylor professors offer warning as climate change has potential to dry world’s largest tropical lake more quickly than anticipated. Baylor University Space Explorer Hails Private Rocket Companies for Affordability and Potential to Hasten Spacecraft Landings May 29, 2020 WACO, Texas (May 29, 2020) – As private rocket company SpaceX readies for the scheduled launch to the International Space Station on Saturday or Sunday — the first space crew launch from America in nearly a decade — Baylor University planetary geophysicist Peter James, Ph.D., says that private companies not only have lowered the cost of space exploration but also may speed it along.
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Department of Geosciences

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