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Dr. Steven Driese honored for service by URSA

May 3, 2013

In honor of Dr. Seven Driese's commitment to improving Baylor's support for undergraduates engaged in research, the URSA Steering Committee in recognizes him as the 2013 Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics departments and programs. This award is based on merit, including the quality of the scholarship and student experience he has generated, and the persistence and long term impact of his research supervision. In addition, Dr. Driese's selection is based on his positive influence on others, including his encouragement of other faculty mentors, contributions to program establishment, and leadership at the interface between education and professional level research.

The Steering Committee has pointed to his willingness, while serving as a department chair and engaged in major improvements in graduate education in the department of Geology, to simultaneously organize a research based capstone course for undergraduates and to act as a dedicated mentor to individual students.