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Baylor Geology Hosts Mountain View Elementary Students

May 25, 2012

Mountain View Elementary Students with Baylor Geology Graduate Students

Students were treated to a variety of hands-on activities related to natural disasters, guided by lab coordinator Sharon Browning, Dr. Bill Hockaday, and graduate students Mark Speckien, David Ju, Ryan Morgan, Hallie Mintz, and Dominic Evanzia. The students viewed video footage of last year's Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and had an opportunity to ask their own questions, after which the Baylor personnel shared their research interests. 2nd through 4th graders observed the propagation of seismic waves, generated a tsunami, explored how buildings in earthquake-prone areas could be strengthened, and participated in a rock and fossil dig. Younger students enjoyed simplified versions of some of the same activities, and all students were allowed to take home the rock and fossil samples they had found as keepsakes of their day at Baylor. We plan to continue these outreach activities in an effort to spark students' interest in science and continue to attract quality students to Baylor University.