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Engineering Geology and Hydrology

Baylor Geology is well-known for applied research on surface-water hydrology and channel erosion using the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) model applied to predicting erosion and runoff. These areas in north-central Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) are becoming increasingly urbanized, resulting in loss of surfaces for infiltration of precipitation and consequent flash-flooding in small, under-fit streams. Research areas also include the Riesel (TX) Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory (

Faculty members involved in SWAT-related investigations include

Dr. Peter Allen

Professor (Ph.D., Southern Methodist University)

Research Interests:
• Urban environmental geology
• Engineering geology
• Hydrology

Dr. Steven L. Forman

Professor (Ph.D., University of Colorado - Boulder)

Research Interests:
• Paleoclimatology
• Quaternary geology and environments
• Luminescence geochronology
• Quantitative geomorphology
• Eolian depositional systems
• Paleoseismology

Dr. Jeff Arnold

Visiting Faculty Member - USDA-ARS in Temple, TX

(Ph.D., Purdue University)

Research Interests:
• Hydraulic engineering
• Water quality modeling