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Igneous Petrology & Volcanology

Over the past twenty five years, the Department of Geology has sponsored student research in diverse volcanic provinces such as the Cenozoic volcanic fields of West Texas and the San Juans of Colorado, volcanic rocks of the Oregon Coastal Range and the Quaternary Central Oregon Cascades. Topics have ranged from basic geologic mapping of volcanic centers to geochemical modeling.

Research topics of special interests include origin and evolution of peralkaline rhyolite, origin of andesite and dacite in both high-K and low-K orogenic suites, and empirical determination of partition coefficients for feldspar in rhyolite systems. One through-going feature of all Baylor studies is the integration of field and laboratory study at all levels.

Participating Baylor Faculty

Dr. Kenny Befus

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., University of Texas at Ausitn)

Research Interests:
• Volcanology
• Igneous Petrology
• Mineralogy

Visit Dr. Befus' personal webpage for more information on research and lab resources.