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Baylor Geology is fortunate to have multiple opportunities for interdisciplinary research involving groundwater and wastewater systems, through its connection with the Center for Reservoir and Aquatic Systems Research (link: CRASR) and The Interdisciplinary Graduate program in Ecological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (link: TIEEES). Students have opportunities to interact with faculty in Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Sciences.

Participating Baylor Faculty

Dr. Joe Yelderman

Professor (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin)

Research Interests:
• Hydrogeology
• Environmental geology
• Wastewater Research

Research by Dr. Joe Yelderman (link) involves methods for on-site treatment of wastewater as well as studies of shallow aquifers in central Texas.

Dr. Peter Allen

Professor (Ph.D., Southern Methodist University)

Research Interests:
• Urban environmental geology
• Engineering geology
• Hydrology

Research by Dr. Allen involves mainly studies of surface-water hydrology, in which there is connection to shallow groundwater systems.