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Research currently conducted by eight (8) faculty members in the Geology Department at Baylor University focuses on Terrestrial Paleoclimatology, in which climates (precipitation, temperature), landscapes and ecosystems, and paleoatmospheric chemistries (pCO2, pO2) of the past are reconstructed at temporal scales ranging from hundreds to millions of years. Such research efforts on terrestrial paleoclimates of the Earth's past are strategically placed within the National Research Council's "Critical Zone" directive, through interdisciplinary study of soils, terrestrial sediments and biota, conducted in both modern and ancient environments. Research in ancient climates recorded in the geologic past provides us our only means of testing climate models for the future, particularly the anticipated climate change predicted for the future that would be brought about by increased anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane.

Terrestrial Paleoclimatology Research Report

Participating Baylor Faculty

The following Baylor Geology faculty members currently conduct research in Terrestrial Paleoclimatology.

Full curriculum vitae for the listed faculty are available upon request, or from our Geology Department website under each faculty member's name.

Dr. Stacy C. Atchley

Professor & Chair (Ph.D., University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Research Interests:
• Petroleum Geology
• Applied Sequence Stratigraphy
• Paleopedologic Applications to Sequence Stratigraphy.

Dr. Steven G. Driese

Professor and Graduate Program Director (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison)

Research Interests:
• Paleopedology
• Clastic Sedimentology
• Micromorphology of Soils and Paleosols
• Speleothem Paleoclimatology

Dr. Stephen I. (Steve) Dworkin

Professor (Ph.D., University of Texas - Austin)

Research Interests:
• Sedimentary Petrology
• Low Temperature Geochemistry
• Geochemical Applications to Paleopedology

Dr. Steven L. Forman

Professor (Ph.D., University of Colorado - Boulder)

Research Interests:
• Paleoclimatology
• Quaternary geology and environments
• Luminescence geochronology
• Quantitative geomorphology
• Eolian depositional systems
• Paleoseismology
• Human-landscape interactions

Dr. James (Jamey) Fulton

Professor (Ph.D., Penn State University)

Research Interests:
• Geomicrobiology
• Organic Geochemistry

Dr. William C. Hockaday

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Ohio State University)

Research Interests:
• Organic geochemistry
• Biogeochemistry
• Analytical chemistry
• Global change
• Soil processes
• Biofuels/Bioenergy
• Limnology/Oceanography

Dr. Lee C. Nordt

Professor and Dean of College of Arts and Sciences (Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

Research Interests:
• Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology
• Soils and Paleosols
• Quaternary Geology

Dr. Daniel J. Peppe

Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Yale University)

Research Interests:
• Geochronology
• Paleomagnetism
• Magnetostratigraphy
• Paleobotany
• Plant systematics
• Taxonomy
• Paleoclimatology
• Paleoecology
• Biostratigraphy
• Palynology
• Lithostratigraphy
• Global change

Dr. Julie Hoggarth

Assistant Professor of Anthropology (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh)

Research Interests:
• Collapse and regeneration of complex societies
• Human adaptation and responses to climate change
• High-resolution AMS 14C dating
• Settlement patterns
• cultural heritage and tourism in Belize
• Mesoamerican archaeology