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Dr. Don Greene
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• Earth Science

• Geography


Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, 1980

M. A., University of Oklahoma, 1977

B. S., Texas A & M, Commerce, 1973


In his professional experience, Dr. Greene has focused exclusively on the academic setting. Beginning his teaching career at Baylor in 1979, Dr. Greene advanced through the ranks, becoming a Professor in 1995. Actively involved in the Earth Science program, he has recently assumed primary responsibility for a new undergraduate program in Geography. The undergraduate students under his supervision include both B. A. and B. S. E. majors in Earth Science and in Geography. He also supervises graduate students in the M. A. program.

Research Interests

Dr. Greene's research interests include both agricultural meteorology and environmental geography. Dr. Greene has conducted investigations into the relationship between crop yields and weather variables experienced during the growing season. Initial research considered the influence of temperature and rainfall on wheat yields (Greene and others, 1979). Later, this approach was used to create an efficient water-conserving wheat irrigation schedule (Greene and Kirkham, 1980). This research now has been expanded to include the influence of the growing season climate on soybeans (Tsuchiya and Greene, 1990).

Dr. Greene has recently initiated a research area related to the development of a course in World Geography. He is gathering examples of environmental influences that have shaped human occupation of the landscape. Encompassing all world regions, this long-term study will demonstrate the pervasive influence of the environment in determining patterns of regional land use and human settlement. In the later stages of this study, Dr. Greene will document this process by visiting several of these regions.

Selected Publications and Presentations

Greene, Don M., 2002, "The Influence of Forward Velocity and Structural Density on Tornado Mortality" Abstracts of the National Weather Association, 27th Annual Meeting, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Greene, Don M., 2001, "The Jarrell, Texas Tornado", Natural Disasters, March 2001, ed. By Marlene Bradford and Robert Carmichael, pp. 825-829.

Gave a talk on severe weather safety for "Skywarn 2002", McLennan County Emergency Preparedness, February 12, 2000.

Gave a talk on severe weather safety for "Skywarn 2002", Bell County Emergency Preparedness, January 15, 2000.

International release of the BBC one-hour special on the Jarrell, Texas tornado. First broadcast on the Discover Channel in the United States in June, 1999 under the title "Survival Science".

Conducted interviews with the British Broadcasting Corporation film company on the Jarrell Tornado, September 14, 1998.

Gave a talk on thunderstorms and tornadoes for the Kiwanis Club of Waco, July 14, 1998.

Received a $58,000 Grant from Sun Microsystems in which the Geology Department received four Sun workstations in support of our Geographic Information Systems laboratory. July, 1998.

Gave an invited talk on "Tornado Emergency Management Preparations" for the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, Austin, Texas, April 24, 1998.

Gave a talk on "Pattern Analysis of an F5 Tornado Debris Field" at the 94th annual convention of the Association of American Geographers, Boston, Massachusetts, March 26, 1998.

During the national convention of the Association of American Geographers, the Jarrell tornado paper received special recognition as a feature article in the AAGeogram Newsletter, March 26, 1998.

Greene, Don, M., 1998, "Pattern Analysis of an F5 Tornado Debris Field" Proceedings of the Association of American Geographers, Boston, Mass.

Produced a thirty-minute show on the Jarrell Tornado aftermath for KXXV Television. First aired March 16, 1998 and numerous times thereafter.

Part-time Broadcast Meteorologist for KXXV Television, September 1996 to present.

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