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Dr. Steven Driese

Contact Information
Dr. Steven Driese
Department of Geology
Baylor University
One Bear Place #97354
Waco TX 76798

Phone (254) 710-2194
Fax (254) 710-2673

Room E422, Baylor Sciences Building

Dr. Driese

Professor & Associate Dean for Research, Baylor Graduate School

• Paleopedology

• Clastic Sedimentology

• Environmental Sedimentology

Fellow, Geological Society of America, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Honorary member, SEPM

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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.S., Southern Illinois University

General Information

My primary current research investigates, from a geologic perspective, the paleoclimate and paleolandscape records of soils preserved as paleosols in the geologic record, using modern soil analogs where appropriate. I am also interested in applications of studies of surficial materials to solving environmental and hydrogeological problems. My collaborative research is being conducted with researchers at Baylor University, Murray State University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Texas A&M University, and Rutgers University. I work actively with soil scientists, geochemists, stratigraphers and sedimentologists, physical geographers, and geoarchaeologists in these endeavors.

Research Projects

(1) measuring climate-dependent properties of modern Vertisols in order to interpret the paleoclimate record of Phanerozoic paleosols in the geologic record

(2) developing proxies and pedotransfer functions for modern soils in order to reconstruct colloidal properties of paleosols in the geologic record

(3) conducting climate and landscape reconstructions of wetland-floodplain-lake and lake-margin systems in the Miocene and the Pleistocene-Holocene of East Africa

(4) interpreting the late Pleistocene-Holocene climate record of Pleistocene-Holocene floodplain soils and paleosols, and speleothems in the middle Atlantic and southeastern US using stable isotopes of soil organic matter

(5) investigating the late Pleistocene-Holocene climate record of Central Alaska, using paleosols

(6) examining the role that pedogenic processes have in affecting the porosity and hydraulic conductivity of soil and fractured sedimentary and granitic saprolite

(7) interpreting the pedogenic signature of early terrestrial ecosystems recorded in Ptrecambrian paleosols in North America

(8) interpreting the genesis of pedogenic carbonate in modern soil systems and wetlands in order to calibrate the paleoclimate proxy used for paleosols in the geologic record

Courses Taught Regularly

Geo 5339 Sandstone Petrology and Physical Sedimentology

Geo 5340 Paleopedology

Geo 5342 Soil and Paleosol Micromorphology

Geo 5V90 Grant-Writing Seminar

Driese Web 2

Pennington Fm.(Mississippian) PaleoVertisol, TN (see Caudill et al, 1996, Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, v.66, p.58-70.

Selected Publications (last 5 years)

Shunk, A.J., Driese, S.G., and Dunbar, J.A., 2009, Late Tertiary paleoclimatic interpretation from lacustrine rhythmites in the Gray Fossil Site, northeastern Tennessee, USA: Journal of Paleolimnology, v. 274, p. 173-184.

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Nordt, L.C., and Driese, S.G., 2009 Hydropedological assessment of a Vertisol climosequence on the Gulf Coast Prairie land Resource Area of Texas: Hydrology and Earth Systems Science Disscussions, v.6, p.3637-3668,

Mintz, J.S., Driese, S.G., and White, J.D., 2010, Environmental and ecological variability of Middle Devonian (Givetian) forests in Appalachian basin paleosols, New York, USA: PALAIOS, v. 25, p. 85-96.

Nordt, L. and Driese, S.G., 2010, New weathering index improves paleorainfall estimates from Vertisols: Geology, v. 38, p. 407-410.

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Driese, S.G., Ludvigson, G.A., Roberts, J.A., Fowle, D.A., Gonzalez, L.A., Smith, J.J., McKay, L.D., and Vulava, V.M., 2010, Micromorphology and stable isotope geochemistry of historical pedogenic siderite formed in PAH-contaminated alluvial clay soils, Tennessee, USA: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. 80, p. 943-954.
Full Text

Stinchcomb, G.E., Messner, T.C., Driese, S.G., Nordt, L.C., and Stewart, R.M., 2011, Pre-colonial (A.D. 1,100-1,600) sedimentation related to prehistoric maize agriculture and climate change in eastern North America: Geology, v. 39, p. 363-366.

Driese, S.G., Schultz, B.S., and McKay, L.D., 2011, Genesis of clay-rich soils from carbonate bedrock on upland surfaces in the Valley and Ridge Province, eastern Tennessee, USA: Southeastern Geology, v. 48, p. 1-22.

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Li, Z.-H., Labb, N., Driese, S.G., and Grissino-Mayer, H.D., 2011, Micro-scale analysis of tree-ring 13C and 18O on -cellulose spline reveals high-resolution intra-annual climate variability and tropical cyclone activity: Chemical Geology, v. 284, p. 138-147.

Southard, R.J., Driese, S.G., and Nordt, L.C., 2011, Vertisols: Chapter E5.7, in Handbook of Soil Science, P. Huang (ed.), CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, p. 33-82 to 33-97.

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Li, Z.-H., Driese, S.G., and Cheng, H., 2014, A multiple cave deposit assessment of suitability of speleothem isotopes for reconstructing paleo-vegetation and paleo-temperature: A case study in Raccoon Mountain Cave, USA: Sedimentology: v. 61, p. 749-766.

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Manuscripts in Review, in Revision, or in Preparation

Driese, S.G., Li, Z.-H., Cheng, H., Harvill, J.L., and Sims, J., in review, High-resolution rainfall records for Middle and Late Holocene based on speleothem annual UV fluorescent layers integrated with stable isotopes and U/Th dating, Raccoon Mountain Cave, TN, USA: submitted to Feinberg, J., Gao, Y., and Alexander, E.C., Jr., (eds.) Caves and Karst Across Time: Geological Society of America, Special Paper Volume.

Beverly, E.J., Driese, S.G., Peppe, D.J., Michel, L.A., Johnson, C.R., and Sharp, W.D., in review, Spring-fed rivers in a Late Pleistocene semi-arid grassland from the Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya supporting modern humans and fauna: submitted to Sedimentology.

DiPietro, L.M., Driese, S.G., and Goebel, T., in review, Late Pleistocene climate amelioration in association with a buried fluted point complex, Serpentine Hot Springs, Alaska: submitted to Geoarchaeology.

Faith, J.T., Tryon, C.A., Peppe, D.J., Beverly, E.J., Blegen, N., Blumenthal, S., Chritz, K.L., Driese, S.G., and Patterson, D., in review, Paleoenvironmental context of the Middle Stone Age record from Karungu, Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya, and its implications for human and faunal dispersals in East Africa: resubmitted to Journal of Human Evolution.

Jenkins, K.H., Nightingale, S., Faith, J.T., Driese, S.G., Peppe, D.J., Michel, L.A., McNulty, K.P., and Tryon, C.A., in review, Mass procurement of the extinct bovid Rusingoryx in the Middle Stone Age: New excavations at Wakondo (Rusinga Island, Kenya): submitted to Journal of Human Evolution.

Jennings, D.S., Driese, S.G., and Dworkin, S.I., in review, Comparison of modern and ancient barite-bearing acid-sulfate soils using micromorphology, geochemistry, and field relationships: submitted to Sedimentology.

Li, Z.-H., Driese, S.G., and Cheng, H., in preparation, A high-resolution Middle to Late Holocene climate record from a speleothem in eastern Tennessee, USA: to be submitted to Geology.

Michel, L.A., Driese, S.G., Fox, D., Garrett, N., McNulty, K.P., and Peppe, D.J., in review, Paleopedological and geochemical interpretation of a late Early Miocene paleoforest time-slice, upper Hiwegi Fm., Rusinga Island, Kenya: submitted to PALAIOS.

Stinchcomb, G.E., Messner, T.C., Stewart, R.M., and Driese, S.G., in preparation, Estimating the rate of anthropogenic-Pb addition using alluvial soil mass-balance geochemistry in eastern USA: to be submitted to Anthropocene.

Stinchcomb, G.E., Nordt, L.C., Driese, S.G., and Williamson, F., in preparation, Quantitative links between climate and geochemistry for a diverse range of soils: Implications for paleosol-based climate models: to be submitted to Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.

Stewart, R.M., Koch, J., Carr, K., Beck, D., Stinchcomb, G.W., Driese, S.G., and Vento, F., in review, The Paleoindian occupation at Nesquehoning Creek (36CR142) Carbon County, Pennsylvania: submitted to Gingerich, J. (ed.), In the Eastern Fluted Point Tradition, Volume II.

Current Sponsored Research Projects

Peppe, D.J., and Driese, S.G., 2012, Collaborative research: IPG: Research on East African catarrhine and hominoid evolution: NSF-BCS-IPG program, requested $152,906, awarded from 01/01/13 to 12/31/17.

Current Research: Paleoclimate record of Raccoon Mountain Cave speleothems, eastern Tennessee (Li et al., , 2014, Sedimentology, and Driese et al. manuscript, in review)

Current Research: Paleoclimate record of Raccoon Mountain Cave speleothems, eastern Tennessee (Li et al., , 2014, Sedimentology, and Driese et al. manuscript, in review)


Driese 1

Driese 2


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5) Wiest, L., in progress: new Ph.D. student, started in fall semester of 2014

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Driese 3

Photomicrographs showing examples of major dissolution (unconformity) surfaces identified in speleothem RM0710-2-1, arranged as pairs with UV fluorescence (UVf) and plane-polarized light (PPL). (A, B) Major surface at 102.5 mm depth, showing dissolved calcite crystals overlain by 0.5 mm thick terra rossa deposit containing Fe oxides, detrital limestone host rock fragments and reddish-orange reworked soil aggregates. (C, D) Major surface at 76.5 mm depth, with dissolved calcite crystals overlain by cloudy calcite containing detrital inclusions and inclined, bright UVf calcite-filled fractures. (E) Major surface at 40.75 mm depth, showing calcite crystal dissolution, overlain by very bright fluorescent calcite in which UV layers become more distinct upward in speleothem. (F) Details of terra rossa deposits mantling major surface at 50.5 mm depth, showing detrital calcite grains derived from host rock as well as reddish-orange reworked soil clasts. (G, H) Major surface at 15 mm depth, with dissolved calcite crystals overlain by perched, detrital silt-sized fragments of limestone host rock.