Baylor University
Department of Geosciences
College of Arts and Sciences



1. Siemans D5000 X-ray diffractometer for identification of the minerals present in a sample (BSB 455R).

Elemental Concentrations

2. Rigaku tube-above wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence instrument for quantification of concentrations of elements in solid samples (BSB 455R).

3. Capillary Electrophoresis that quantifies the concentrations of elements in waters (Ca, Na, Mg, K, Cl, SO4, NO3, and F can be measured) (BSB C424).

4. Lachet that quantifies the concentrations of nutrients (primarily species of N and P - Si can also be quantified) in waters and solids (solids must be put into solution) (Biology).

5. Elemental Analyzer that quantifies the concentration of C,N, and S in solid samples (C/N ratios) (BSB C424).

6. Shimaduzu carbon analyzer that quantifies TC, IC and OC in solid and liquid samples (Biology).

7. ICP Instrument for determining trace element concentrations of acid digests (Environmental Science)

Grain Size Analysis

8. Malvern Laser Particle Size Analyzer instrument generates grain size distribution of a sample (BSB E459R).


9. Polarizing microscopes with digital cameras (research grade: BSB E419, E426, E460, E461R; student microscopes: BSB E426) are available.

10. SEM instruments available in both Geology Department (BSB E412R) and the Biology Department (currently without energy-dispersive quantitative capability).

Radioactive activity and age-dating

11. Cesium counter for quantifing the decay activity of Ce, useful for age-dating young sediments and soils (Carlile Geology Research Building, room 103A).

Magnetic Properties

12. Princeton Instruments environmental magnetism laboratory for measuring magnetic mineral concentrations in sediments (BSB E459R).

13. Thomas W. Goforth Paleomagnetism Laboratory for determining paleomagnetic orientations in rocks and establishing age relationships of rocks (under construction, BSB E wing, 4th floor).


14. New Wave micro-mill precision drilling and sampling device for isotopic studies (BSB E459R).

Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry

15. Thermo-Electron Dual-Inlet Gas-Source Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer for determination of isotopic compositions of C, O, N, H in geological and biological materials (BSB B408).

Speleothem Fluid Inclusion Extraction

16. A new on-line speleothem fluid inclusion extraction line at the Baylor University Stable Isotope Laboratory for determination of D/H ratio of fluid-inclusion samples extracted from carbonate speleothems and other sedimentary rocks.

Luminescence geochronology

A. Riso single aliquot and single grain luminescence readers (4) B. Daybreak Sr-90 and 244-Cm multiple sample irradiatiors (3) C. Daybreak Alpha counters for U and Th determination (6) D. Field portable Na-I gamma spectrometer (1) E. Lab based Ge-Li gamma spectrometer (1)