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Geology Research Reports

2012 (to May 31, 2013) Geology Faculty Publications

underline = Baylor Geology Faculty

* = peer-reviewed journal article

*1) *Ahr, S.W., Nordt, L.C., and Driese, S.G., 2012, Assessing lithologic discontinuities and parent material uniformity within the Texas sandy mantle: Implications for archeological burial and preservation potential in upland settings: Quaternary Research. v. 78, p. 60-71.

*2) *Ahr, S.W., Nordt, L.C., and Forman, S.L., 2012, Soil genesis, optical dating, and geoarchaeological evaluation of two upland Alfisol pedons within the Tertiary Gulf Coastal Plain: Geoderma v. 192, p. 211-226.

3) Bonum , N.B., Rossi, C.G., Arnold, J.G., Reichart, J.M., Minella,, J.P., Allen, P.M., and Volk, M., 2012, Simulating landscape sediment transport capacity by using a modified SWAT model: Journal of Environmental Quality: doi:10.2134/jeg2012.0217.

4) Cusak, D.F., Chadwick, O.A., Hockaday, W.C., Vistousek, P.M., 2012, Mineralogical controls on soil black carbon preservation: Global Biogeochemical Cycles. v. 26, GB004109, 2012.

5) Danley, P.D., Husemann, M., Ding, B., *DiPietro, L.M., *Beverly, E.J., and Peppe, D.J., 2012, The impact of the geologic history and paleoclimate on the diversification of East African cichlids: International Journal of Evolutionary Biology, v. 2012, Article ID 574851, 20 pages, doi:10.1155/2012/574851.

6) Dyar, M.D., Carmosino, M.L., Tucker, J.M. Brown, E.A., Clegg, S.M., Wiens, R.C., Barefield, J.E., Delaney, J.S., Ashley, G.M., and Driese, S.G., 2012, Remote laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy analysis of East African Rift sedimentary samples under Mars conditions: Chemical Geology, v. 294-295, p. 135-151.

7) Gondikas A.P., Masion A., Auffan M., Lau B.L.T., and Hsu-Kim H., 2012, Early-stage precipitation kinetics of zinc sulfide nanoclusters forming in the presence of cysteine: Chemical Geology, v. 329, p. 10-17.

8) Kinney, T., Masiello, C.A., Dugan, B., Hockaday, W.C., Dean, M.R., Zygourakis, K., and Barnes, R.T., 2012, Hydrologic properties of biochars produced at different temperatures: Biomass and Bioenergy, v. 41, p. 34-43.

9) Koarashi, J., Hockaday, W.C., Trumbore, S., and Masiello, C., 2012, Dynamics of decadally-cycling carbon in subsurface soils: Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, v. 117, G0303.

10) Lau, B.L.T., Hockaday, W.C., Ijima, K., Furman, O., and Decho, A.W., 2012, A preliminary assessment of the interactions between capping agents of silver nanoparticles and environmental organic matter: Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects: 11.065.

11) Luo, Y., Arnold, J., Allen, P.M., and Chen., X., 2012, Baseflow simulation using SWAT model in an inland river basin in Tianshan Mountains, Northwest China: Hydrological and Earth System Sciences, v. 16, p. 1259-1267.

12) Nordt, L.C., Hallmark, C.T., Driese, S.G., Dworkin, S.I., and Atchley, S.C., 2012, Biogeochemistry of an ancient Critical Zone: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 87, p. 267-282.

13) Parker, D.F., Ren, M., Adams, D.T., and Long, L.E., 2012, Mid-Tertiary magmatism in western Big Bend National Park, Texas, U.S.A.: Evolution of basaltic source regions and generation of peralkaline rhyolite: Lithos, v. 144-145, p. 161-176.

14) Royer, D. L., Peppe, D. J., Wheeler, E. A., and Niinemets, U., 2012, Roles of climate and functional traits in controlling toothed vs. untoothed leaf margins: American Journal of Botany, v. 99, no. 5, p. 915-922.

*15) *Stinchcomb, G.E., Driese, S.G., Nordt, L.C., and Allen, P.A., 2012, A mid to late Holocene history of floodplain and terrace reworking along the middle Delaware River valley, USA: Geomorphology: v. 169-170, p. 123-141.

16) Sun, H., Hockaday, W.C., Masiello, C.A., and Zygourakis, K., 2012, Multiple controls on the physical and chemical properties of biochars, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 51, 3587-3597.

*17) *Trendell, A.M., Atchley, S.C., and Nordt, L.C., 2012, Depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir attributes within a fluvial outcrop analog: Upper Triassic Sonsela Member of the Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona: American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, v. 96, p. 679-707.

18) Tryon, C.A., Peppe, D.J., Faith, J.T., *Van Plantinga, A., Nightingale, S., Ogondo, J., and Fox, D.L., 2012, Late Pleistocene artefacts and associated fauna from Rusinga and Mfangano islands, Lake Victoria, Kenya, Azania: Archaeological Research in East Africa., v. 47, p. 14-38.

19) Vulava, V.M., McKay, L.D., Broholm, M.M., McCarthy, J.F., Driese, S.G., and Sayler, G.S., 2012, Dissolution and transport of coal tar compounds in fractured clay-rich residuum: Journal of Hazardous Materials, v. 203-204, p. 283-289.

*20) *Wong, S.S., Yelderman, J.C., Jr., and Byars, B., 2012, Developing a geospatial model for analysis of a dynamic, heterogeneous aquifer: The Brazos River alluvium aquifer, Central Texas: Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies and the Gulf Coast Section of the SEPM, 62nd Annual convention, Austin, Texas, p. 653-660.