Why Minor in Women's and Gender Studies?

A minor in WGS prepares students to live and work in an increasingly diverse culture by encouraging students to become more reflective about their own lives and the lives of women and men worldwide. As the makeup of our society changes, individuals educated in critical theories and methods of WGS have highly marketable skills. This minor is especially valuable for students who plan to enter occupations in business, education, health care, media, marketing, politics, law, ministry, and social services. WGS also lends a valuable perspective to almost any scholarly field.

What a WGS minor will contribute to your career

  • An understanding on gender, race, and class relations
  • Openness, awareness, and respect of individuals, groups, perspectives, and experiences that may differ from your own
  • An understanding of the importance of listening to others
  • The ability to consider an issue from multiple perspectives
  • The ability to recognize the complexity of a situation or problem
  • The capacity to discuss controversial topics intelligently
  • The ability to recognize sexist thinking and writing