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Suite Types

All Global Community members will have a chance to choose between three different suite preferences:

• Current World Affairs: These suites will be made up of students who want to learn more about current events happening around the world. These suites may also be themed to a specific area of the world that students are interested in studying, such as an Asian suite or a European suite. These suites will also have designated faculty or staff members whose job will be to assist the suite residents in their quest to learn more about global issues.

Language Immersion Suites: These suite types will make up the majority of the GC LLC. The ideal configuration for these suites will be 3 learners of a target language combined with one native speaker of the target language when possible. These suites will also have faculty liaisons to support the students in their foreign language acquisition. Target languages will be chosen based on GC LLC student applications. The following languages have been represented in the past: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

• Civic and World Engagement Suites: These suites will be made up of students who are interested in mission work abroad or at home, global social justice issues, and service to the world community. These suites will also have a faculty or staff liaison that understands the calling to serve and will be well-equipped to guide mission suite residents on their personal journey.

New for the 2014-2015 year: Suite Themes have been added! Check out the following below:

Current World Affairs suites have added the following suite subtypes:

  • Global Politics
  • International Sports
  • World Cinema

Civic and World Engagement have added the following suite subtypes:

  • World Missions
  • International Social Justice
  • Servant Leadership

When applying you will have a chance to rank your suite type preference as well as a language preference if you have one.