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What kind of students do you accept?
We accept incoming freshmen, transfers, current Baylor students, and international students! We do not accept graduate students.

I am currently a Baylor student in another living learning program. How do I join GC-LLC?
Please notify your program director of your current LLC to see if there are housing/program agreements that you need to abide by (Honors College, Brooks College). If not, feel free please fill out an application!

Are you affiliated with Brooks College?
No, we are housed in Brooks Flats, which is typically upperclassman apartment-style living. Brooks College is a residential college with their own application, programming, and events.

Do I have to live in Brooks Flats in order to be a part of the Global Community? Can I live in another residence hall due to cost of the residence hall?
All students accepted in to the GC-LLC are required to live in Brooks Flats. We would like to create community within our program therefore we cannot accommodate students who live in other residence halls.

I have little to no language experience, but I intend to study a language while at Baylor and want to be placed in a language immersion suite. Is this ok?
Yes, we accept students at all levels of language experience. You need to be willing to speak the language of your suite as much as possible. Also, please make sure you have signed up to take the language or are currently taking the language the same semester you join the GC.

I am a native speaker of a language and would like to help teach others about my language, how do I let the program know this?
On our application, a question will ask about your language experience.

How much does joining the Global Community – Living Learning Center cost?
Programming fees are $75 for each semester. This will come out of your Baylor bill at the beginning of the semester.

I hope to do study abroad in the future, what resources are available to me?
We will help you find resources and connect you to the Study Abroad office on campus. We also occasionally send out emails for opportunities and scholarships for studying abroad.

If I study abroad one of the two semesters I am in the GC, can I still apply?
Yes, but your acceptance would be on a case by case basis due to you leaving for one semester.

I am worried about this cohort course that all freshman GC students are required to take. Is it graded or pass/fail? What are the requirements?
The Global Community cohort course is meant to be educational and integrate your learning with global and cultural themes. The courses are usually taught by the Global Community staff or faculty on campus. The course is graded, not pass/fail. There is a experiential learning requirement in order to enrich your learning outside of the classroom. This requirement entails language experience, attending and participating in events to broaden your diversity and cultural understanding, and service to the GC-LLC, Baylor, and the Waco community.


I am having trouble with my application. Who do I contact for help?
Please contact the Program Director or Program Coordinator for assistance. Their contact information is on the “Contact Us” page.

I have already been accepted to the GC-LLC but I have decided to learn a different language than I put on my application. What do I do?
Please contact the GC-LLC program director as soon as possible. They will need to reassign you to a different suite if suites are available.

I have been accepted to the Global Community LLC but decided on other living options. What do I do?
Please contact the GC-LLC program director as soon as possible. We have a waiting list and would like to extend the acceptance to other students.

I already applied and have been accepted to another residence hall on campus, but now I have been accepted to GC. What do I do?
When you receive your acceptance email from the GC staff email them and let them know if you have already been accepted into other housing. The GC staff will then take care of moving you.


What kinds of suites are available?
We are housed in Brooks Flats. The GC-LLC are all on the 2nd floor of Brooks Flats but are separated by female and male wings. All suites are apartment style with single or double rooms with full kitchens. All global community students live in a 4 suite apartment.

What are the prices of the suites? How are the rooms arranged?
Information about Brooks Flats is found here:

Can I preference my room type?
We try to place students in the order of returning GC-LLC student, current Baylor students, and incoming freshmen. There are a limited number of single rooms available, first come first serve. Please also be aware that some students may be placed in a single room due to the availability of rooms in their suite request type.

Can I request roommates?
This depends upon whether or not your potential roommate has similar interests as you. If both of you are learning the same language and request the same type of suite, we will try our best to place you two together.

Are there scholarships available to live in Brooks Flats?
Yes, but only for first time freshman, please check our Scholarship page.