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Activities & Community Events

Students who reside in a living-learning community are expected to engage inside as well as outside of the classroom. Because borders are becoming less visible and technology is making business and communication easier, students must be prepared to participate in a global society. Through the GC-LLC, students will form lifelong friendships across borders and become accomplished leaders ready to take part in an international marketplace. What better way to prepare for worldwide leadership and service than by integrating international thinking and acting into daily life? Students in the GC-LLC choose to participate variety of global experiences and activities that strengthen ties among its residents.

Here is a list of typical Global Community program offerings:

Welcome Events

All Global Community students are  invited to come to a dinner and breakfast the first week before school starts. This dinner will include some international cuisine and allow students time to meet the Global Community Leadership. Breakfast will include a painting party where students will have a chance to reflect what living in global community means to them.

Community Dinners

Students come together once a month to cook authentic cuisine from another country and then showcase and share the food with the rest of the Global Community at a monthly dinner in the Hall Directors Apartment.

World Cinema Series

Organized by Baylor faculty members, the World Cinema Series takes place weekly and provides a wonderful study break for students to gather together and watch a foreign film.

Homecoming Breakfast

An annual LLC breakfast event. Students come together in the morning to visit and get jazzed up about the big game. 

International Dance Party

An annual event that falls during International Education week. Students come together to learn native dances from other countries and showcase them during a rocking dance party!

Annual Fundraising Project

Students in the GC come together at the beginning of the year to decide on a community charity and raise money for this organization through different service projects throughout the year.

Service Projects

All GC students are required to participate in a minimum number of service hours. Many students participate in the campus wide Steppin' Out project as a team with their fellow GC members.

Field Trips

Every semester, Global Community students decide to take a trip to a nearby city and explore new cultures. Past field trips include: Mexic Art Museum (Austin), Viva La Vida Festival (Austin), and North Texas Irish Festival (Dallas).

End of the year Banquet

All of the LLC and the faculty/staff partners come together for a great night of food, fun, and festivities.