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Cohort Class

Cohort Course

The Global Community cohort course is a 3 unit Freshmen Academic Seminar. Members will engage in cross cultural learning through reading, discussing, and participating in course assignments. Additionally, students will conduct and present research pertaining to global issues and world cultures(representing multiple continents)and hold conversations with individuals who have lived and led in diverse regions.

Although this is a freshmen level course, the work is intended to be challenging and thought provoking. Students should be ready to actively engage in assignments that will occur both inside and outside the classroom.


  • All students will be given opportunities to hear about and reflect on global events. Part of participating in the Global Community entails participation in current event discussions and attendance to lectures/events concerning global issues (current and historic). Attending a minimum number of these events will count towards the students overall grade in the cohort course.
  •  All students will be expected to participate and assist in the planning of different Global Community events. Students are expected to embrace their leadership roles and assist other members in their committee in order to achieve community goals. This participation in the community will count towards the students overall grade in the cohort course.
  • All students are expected to reflect on how their time in the Global Community will assist them with their chosen major or career path. During the course of the year, students will be given the opportunity to participate in different events, classes, and workshops in order to further their knowledge of the word and gain information about opportunities to enhance their skills.
  • All students are asked to strive to improve their linguistic skills and/or their knowledge of other cultures. Students who are more knowledgeable of a certain language or culture should assist others around them in the spirit of partnership and friendship in the Global Community.
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