The Global Community Living and Learning Center (GC-LLC) is a fantastic opportunity created to provide housing and global oriented events and activities for students from all fields of study.

This housing option was specifically created for residential and international students who want to share their love of global experiences and ideas. Housed in the new Brooks Flats co-ed residence hall, the GC-LLC pushes students to develop their language skills, awareness of current events, and their mission’s opportunities by placing students in themed suites that concentrate on one of the previously mentioned categories.

The Global-LLC allows students to explore other cultures as a community and as individuals. Many experiences and opportunities await those who choose to Go Global!

  • Live with internationally-minded friends and students from other countries
  • Be immersed in your target language by attending faculty-led Lingo Groups organized especially for Global-LLC members
  • Take a cohort class to enhance your understanding of the world and its dynamic cultures (**required)
  • Develop leadership through community service
  • Participate in global events such as Community Dinners, World Cinema nights, Global Village, the International Dance Party and more
  • Form relationships with those inside and outside the Global-LLC and join together to create a daily life that is in touch with your global interests.