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Holly Collins

Holly Collins

Associate Professor of French

One Bear Place #97391
Waco, TX 76798
Office: Draper 158.06
Phone: (254) 710-1708

Spring 2018 office hours:

MWF 2:30-4:30


Ph.D. in Romance Languages: French, May 2011
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dissertation Director: Dr. Dominique Fisher
Re-reading Race, Identity and Color from the Nineteenth-century Naturalists to Twentieth- and Twenty-first-century Migrant Narrative

M.A. in French Literature, May 2006
University of New Mexico
Thesis: L’alcoolisme, l’innée et l’acquis dans les Rougon-Macquart d’Emile Zola

B.A. in French, Pre-med, May 2002
Mercer University, Macon, GA
Honors project: Angers: Ville d’art et d’histoire

Cours de Civilisation, Langues et Littérature Françaises à l’Université Catholique de l’Ouest
June-August 2000 Study abroad Angers, France

20th and 21st century Francophone literatures from around the globe, but especially Quebecois and Caribbean literatures and cultures. 19th century French literature and society, especially the naturalists.

Francophone Culture and Literature WATCH COURSE TRAILER!
Survey of French Literature
Intermediate French
Conversational French
Advanced Conversation and Composition
French Writers and Ideas I: From Roland to Revolution
French Writers and Ideas II: From Romanticism to Post-Modernism


“Between Enigma and Concrete Reality: Identity in Dany Laferrière’s L’Énigme du retour and Tout bouge autour de moi.” (6,979 words. Forthcoming in Australasian Canadian Studies.)

“From Trauma to Drama in Groupov’s Rwanda 94: Creating a Polymorphous Space for Witnessing (to) the Rwandan Genocide.” (9,545 words. Forthcoming in International Journal of Francophone Studies.)

La querelle de la Créolisation: Creolization vs. Créolité in Glissant, Condé and the Creolists.” Nottingham French Studies 56.1. (2017): 67-81.

“Relations of Americanness, Hybridity and the Trans(multi)cultural: Studying Francophone Literatures in the U.S. ” Reader: Essays in Reader-Oriented Theory, Criticism, and Pedagogy 68 & 69. (Fall 2016): 131-163.

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“The Domino Effect: Race, Immigration, and Political Extremism.” Fifteenth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities: New Directions of the Humanities in a Knowledge Society. Imperial College London, UK (5–7 July 2017) [Read in absentia due to illness]

“Between Words and Silence : Silencing the journalist in Marie-Célie Agnant’s Femmes au temps des carnassiers and Dany Laferrière’s Le cri des oiseaux fous.” American Council for Quebec Studies Biennial Conference. Portland, ME (November 2016).

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“The Disappearing Savior: Salvation, Immigration, and Abandonment in Ryad Assani-Razaki’s Deux cercles and La main d’Iman.” Quebec Studies Colloquium, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec (October 2014).

“From Trauma to Drama: Using Theater to Create a Polymorphous Space for Rwandan Representations of Genocide.” Twelfth International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities. CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain (June 2014).

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“Creolization, Creoleness, Inclusions and Exclusions.” Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention. Boston, MA (January 2013).