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Alex Thiltges

Alexandre Thiltges

Senior Lecturer in French

One Bear Place #97391
Waco, TX 76798
Office: Draper 156.06
Phone: 710-4631

Spring 2018 Office Hours:
MWF 8:00-10:00 and by appointment.

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Ph.D. (Honors), Sorbonne University, France
M.A. (Honors), Sorbonne University, France
B.A., Nanterre University, France

20th century and 21st century French literature and civilization, French and Francophone music, Contemporary American literature, Language methodology, Cinema, Translation

French 1401 (Elementary French I)
French 1402 (Elementary French II)
French 1412 (Accelerated Elementary French)
French 2310 (Intermediate French I)
French 2320 (Intermediate French II)
French 3308 (French and Francophone Pop Culture)
French 3320 (Conversation)
Honors 4V87 (Honors Thesis)
MLC 2V99-S1
MLC 2V99-S2


Amériques, des écrivains en liberté,. Albin Michel: Paris, Sept. 2016. 320 pages. Reprinted in September 2017. ISBN-10: 2226321470

Bukowski ou les Contes de la Violence Ordinaire. L’Harmattan: Paris, 2006. 320 p.

TRANSLATIONS (Novels, short story collections, memoirs):

Fondation, Larry, Dans la dèche à Los Angeles (novel), 2014, 13e Fayard Editions. ISBN: 2213655642

Locklin, Gerald, Le dernier des damnés (short stories and essays), 13E Note éditions, 2013. 320 pages.  ISBN: 978-8493802790

Fondation, Larry, Criminels ordinaires, Fayard, Littérature étrangère, 2013, 162 pages. ISBN: 978-2213655635

Bukowski, Charles, Shakespeare n'a jamais fait ça, 13e Note éditions, 2012, 254 pages. ISBN: 978-2363740243

Fondation, Larry, Sur les nerfs, Fayard, Littérature étrangère, 2012, 120 pages. ISBN: 978-2213655611 (Pocket edition: ISBN: 978-2253167242)

Williamson, Eric, Miles, Bienvenue à Oakland, Paris: Fayard Editions, 2011. 424 pages. ISBN 9782213654256. Pocket edition: March 2012, 322 pages. ISBN: 978-2757828939 

O'Brien, Tim, Si je meurs au combat, Paris: 13E Note Edition, January 2011, 254 pages. ISBN 849375952X. (Original title: If I die in a Combat Zone. This is a Vietnam memoir written in 1973 by acclaimed writer and Vietnam Veteran Tim O'Brien. Si je meurs au combat is the first translation of this book into French.

“Representations of Belgian/French “Gypsies” in Folles de Django, by Alexis Salatoko”, European Studies Conference, in Omaha, Nebraska, Oct. 2014

“Mort Fantasmatique de la Littérature Française Contemporaine”, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Oct. 2009

“Friends or Foes? American and French Intellectuals Living in Exile: The Reception Angle,” International Conference on Social Science Research, Orlando, Florida, Dec. 2005

“Individualism, Rebellion and Transgression: The Legacy of Romanticism in the Work of Charles Bukowski,” International Conference on Romanticism, Laredo, Texas, Oct. 2004

“How to Create your Own Study Abroad Program”, FLAM – Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, Oct. 2004

“France-USA, Fraternal Enemies. A study of Windows of the World by Frederic Begbeider,” Missouri Philological Association – Kansas City, Feb. 2004

Our French conversation group will meet on Fridays, 3:30 pm, on the 4th floor of the SUB (and in front of the SUB, where the tables are, when the weather is nice!)