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La Residence francaise - Baylor&Beyond

Aimez-vous parler FRANÇAIS?



Students who apply to live in the Résidence française will have the opportunity to:


  • Live with Francophone-minded friends


  • Immerse themselves in French


  • Take core classes to enhance their understanding of the world and its peoples


  • Gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual beliefs as they learn about other belief systems


  • Receive and give mentoring


  • Develop leadership through community service


On their own, students can:


  • Choose their own interests, major, and career paths


  • Tailor their plan of study


  • Work with advisors to customize their academic work for a global impact


  • Select optional courses in a modern language


  • Choose topics to explore for seminars and workshops that excite them


  • Plan for and study abroad for a summer, semester or year


  • Report back to Baylor & Beyond about their experiences abroad


  • Network and grow within and without Baylor & Beyond to create a daily life that is in tune with their intercultural interests.


To find out more about the Résidence française in the Baylor & Beyond - Living & Learning Center, please contact Prof. Pat Pierce.


For the application form, click here.