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If your meal plan petition request is due to a medical reason, please contact the Office of Access & Learning Accommodation at 254.710.3605 or Additional information can be found on their website at

All other requests will be reviewed by the Meal Plan Petition Committee and a response sent within 7 business days of your submission. Meal Plan exemptions are rare. The following are not grounds for petitions:

  • Vegetarian or vegan diets - Contact the Dining Services Registered Dietitian to discuss options on campus
  • Financial cost - Contact the Financial Aid Office if you need assistance
  • Too many meals available with the plan
  • Not interested in the food offerings

Individuals requesting modification due to religion-based restrictions are required to meet with the Dining Services Registered Dietitian before their petition will be reviewed. The following documentation must be included with the petition request.

  1. Letter from your religious leader. Form is available here and must be uploaded.
  2. Include the specific request (special foods, reduction or exemption of the meal plan) when submitting the online form.
  3. Answer the following question and include it in your response to “Reason for the Request” section.
    When living in a residence hall, how will you provide and prepare food to meet your religious and dietary needs (please note most kitchens and cooking equipment to which a student has access is shared)?
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