Film Contest

Baylor’s Theatre, Film & Digital Media Departments in Partnership with

the Fine Arts LLC


Alfred Hitchcock Film Contest

Film contest requires that all entries be no longer than 5 minutes and a spoof on one of the following 6 scenes:

1) Psycho – shower scene

2) North by Northwest - crop-duster scene

3) The Birds – phone booth scene

4) Rear Window – Thorwald stares back:  (at the very end of this video, about 2:52)

5) Vertigo – the push in/pull out camera effect

6) Man Who Knew Too Much – assassination scene

All scenes must also include a "Hitchcock cameo" in their scene – somewhere in the scene, someone dressed as/made up to look like Hitchcock has to make a cameo.

Film Contest Rules

1. 6-8 Baylor students per team

2. Only Baylor Fine Arts Majors or current Fine Arts LLC residents can enter

3. Each team must include a mixture of theatre, film, and/or other majors.

4. There must be at least one upperclassmen film major per team

5. All films must be submitted by March 1st, 2013

Students interested in participating need to email Holly Joyner by February 15th, 2013 to sign up for a team. Students should request teammates and rank their top three scene selections at this time.

Film Flyer 1

Prizes and Screening

1st - Hitchcock Delux Movie Package ($240 value)

2nd - Hitchcock Basic Movie Package ($120 value)

3rd - Giftcard Pack ($40 value)

Films will be screened, and prizes awarded on March 5th, 2013 during the Alfred Hitchcock Talk.

Time and Location:

Hooper Schaefer 149 - 7:00pm