Philosophy of the LLC

The Fine Arts-LLC promotes an active engagement in the fine arts events produced by Baylor: theatre and music performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, etc. Additionally, students may expand their artistic experience with sponsored trips to performances, screenings, and exhibitions in major cities nationally and possibly internationally, and with workshops and lectures conducted by guest artists. Beyond these activities, the Fine Arts-LLC fosters collaborative artistic projects between students and faculty of multiple artistic disciplines. Students broaden their experience and depth of learning by "rubbing shoulders" with peers and practitioners in all the fine arts disciplines. Students are accepted into the Fine Arts-LLC by application.

The Fine Arts-LLC also strongly encourages the development of interdisciplinary projects; examples might include a short film produced with an original musical score, collaborative design renderings for a play which are both realized on stage and submitted to an art exhibition, a presentation of a classical dance with live orchestration, or a design/opera collaboration. With imagination and creativity, students should discover unlimited possibilities for collaboration.

Baylor University has a history of excellent artistry in each discipline, and the Fine Arts-LLC fosters a cross-pollination of these artistic experiences. This residential community provides opportunity for conversation, creative activity, and enhanced faculty engagement for students of art, theatre arts, film and digital media, and music.

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