Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of students do you accept?
We accept incoming freshmen, transfers, current Baylor students, and international students! We do not accept graduate students.

I am currently a Baylor student in another living-learning program. How do I join Fine Arts-LLC?
Please notify your program director of your current LLC to see if there are housing/program agreements that you need to abide by (Honors College, Brooks College). If not, please click here!

Do I have to live in Heritage House in order to be a part of the Fine Arts-LLC? Can I live in another residence hall due to cost of Heritage House?
All students accepted in to the Fine Arts-LLC are required to live in Heritage House. We would like to create community within our program therefore we cannot accommodate students who live in other residence halls.

Do I need to pursue a fine arts degree to live in the Fine Arts-LLC?
No. The Fine Arts-LLC is open to all majors. However, keep in mind as you fill out the application, that we will want to know more about your interest in the fine arts.

How much does joining the Fine Arts Living-Learning Center cost?
Programming fees are $100 for each semester. This will be deducted from your Baylor bill at the beginning of the semester.

If I study abroad one of the two semesters I am in the Fine Arts-LLC, can I still apply?
Yes, but your acceptance would be on a case-by-case basis due to you leaving for one semester.

What are the requirements for living in the Fine Arts-LLC?
We expect a level of participation from each of our members through attendance at programming and sponsored events. For more information, please click here!


Can I live in the Fine Arts-LLC all four years at Baylor?
Yes! You have the option of remaining in residence with the Fine Arts-LLC throughout your time at Baylor, allowing you to truly feel at home in this community.

What kinds of suites are available?
The Fine Arts-LLC is housed in the North Village Heritage House. All suites are apartment style, but each are unique. Some have both singles and doubles rooms; some come with full kitchens while others do not. You can learn more about the suite types by clicking here.

What are the prices of the suites? How are the rooms arranged?
Information about suite prices may be found here.

Is the Fine Arts-LLC open during the summer?
Unfortunately, during the summer Heritage House is not open to LLC residents.

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