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Building a Community of Artists

A fundamental premise of the Fine Arts-LLC: Learning is not just for the classroom. Learning is a way of life. Students of the Fine Arts-LLC will have many opportunities for artistic engagement with both peers and faculty, in the same spaces in which they live, eat, and study. The North Village Residential Community provides the perfect environment for this interaction.

Exploring Creative Collaboration

Artists in the Fine Arts-LLC are encouraged to explore collaboration with their peers in multiple disciplines. Original music compositions created for original films or plays; visual motifs shared between art exhibitions and stage designs; creative performances combining the talents of actors, musicians, and dancers; exhibitions incorporating music or creative lighting. The possibilities are limited only by imagination.

Supporting the Fine Arts at Baylor
Film Shooting

The Fine Arts-LLC promotes an active engagement in the excellent fine arts produced by Baylor: theatre and music performances, film screenings, art exhibitions, and other events, including sponsored trips and workshops conducted by guest artists. Fine Arts-LLC students will be more than observers at these events; they will know the artists and understand the creative processes at work from first-hand experience.