Research Participant Payments

Research projects involving human subjects at times offer a small payment to the research participant for purposes of recruitment or encouragement for participation in the project.

Payments to research participants can be made using one of the following methods:
Payments greater than $100
  • Check/ACH through Accounts Payable via TRAX voucher
Payments of $100 or less
  • Baylor Payment Card (e.g. prepaid Mastercard)
  • Gift Card
    • Store value card (e.g. Starbucks, Amazon, Bookstore)
    • Store value virtual cards (e.g Amazon)
  • Cash
  • Check/ACH through Accounts Payable via TRAX voucher

Baylor Payment Cards

The Baylor Payment Card is available to researchers as the preferred way to pay research participants. This replaces the process of using cash or check payments to research participants.

  • What is a Baylor Payment Card?
  • The Baylor Payment Card is a payment solution that allows payment to be loaded to a prepaid MasterCard.
  • Where can the card be used?
  • The Baylor Payment Card can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted worldwide, including online and phone purchases. It can also be used to withdraw cash at ATMs (some fees may apply). Funds are available immediately.
  • How does a Principal Investigator (PI) obtain these Baylor Payment Cards?
  • Submit an electronic request via BearQuest (BQ). See BearQuest launch instructions and Payment Card PI's FAQs for more details.

Payment Card Resources

Cardholder Customer Service
  • North Ameria: (877)876-8803
  • Worldwide: (604)424-9625
Cardholder Website/Registration: