Program Highlights

The graduate program in communication studies is designed to prepare the serious student for teaching, research, publishing, and professional media-related production activities.  In consultation with the Graduate Program Director and other faculty advisors and mentors, each student chooses an area of specialization for his or her coursework pursuits that will ultimately lead to the creation of a high-quality thesis or professional paper or media project.

                Film & Digital Media:

We view the media as a cultural product; as such, this concentration includes courses that focus on the production, reception, and influence of mass media texts. Production issues in this emphasis revolve around the creation and production of film, audio, video, and interactive texts, while coursework focuses on the use of new technologies in the production of film, television, and video games. Areas of interest include the impact of digital media, the business of media, the historiography of mass media institutions, textual analyses of films, videos, and television, effects of mass media texts, the uses and gratifications of mass media texts, and mass communication law.