MA Program

The MA in Communication program at Baylor University aims to develop innovative, articulate, and ethical leaders in fields related to communication, film, and digital media. With diverse course offerings and degree paths that cultivate research, writing, and technical and creative production skills, our graduates are poised for successful careers in academia, consulting, business and nonprofit practice, public service, and the media industry. The MA in Communication is one graduate degree program housed in two different departments: the Department of Communication and the Department of Film & Digital Media. As such, we offer two distinct programs of study. 


Students affiliated with the Department of Film & Digital Media explore various dimensions of media, including film, television/video, audio, new media, screenwriting, and media studies. Coursework focuses on the creation and production of film, audio, video, and new communication technologies, as well as the study of their critical significance and impact on culture and individuals. Graduate students explore four different aspects—production, media studies, media management and technology, and uses and effects research—as a means of improving students’ understanding of storytelling. Production work and media studies immerse students in the creation, theory, and aesthetics of film and video. Students also engage empirical methodologies such as experimental design as they examine uses and effects of media technologies and mass communication processes. Students have the opportunity to take courses and craft projects across multiple domains. 

For more information about the communication program of study, visit the Degree Paths and Coursework  and Program Highlights sections of our website. Prospective applicants, make sure to review the Admissions information and explore opportunities for Funding and Assistantships.


For general information about the MA in Communication program, contact:

Graduate Program Director

Lacy McNamee, PhD | 254-710-4698


For information and questions specifically related to the film and digital media program of study, contact:

FDM Graduate Program Advisor

Daniel M. Shafer, PhD| 254-710-4471

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