Baylor in New York - Academics

You must be registered as described here. No student is permitted to take less than 12 total hours, and all classes must be Film & Digital Media (FDM) or Communication (CSS) courses. Students who are not Film & Digital Media or Communication majors should consult Appendix D for additional information.

Here is specific information on each academic component of the program schedule
  • Hours required: 20 hrs. per week is the bare minimum permitted for 3 internship and 3 independent study credit hours together. We recommend four full days per week (30-35 hrs.) of internship work. You may work five days, and in most cases this will be beneficial for you in the internship, as you have a better chance of being the standout, go-to intern. Some students were able to handle that much work, but others came to the conclusion it hurt their studies. Students are urged to make this decision carefully and wisely, keeping in mind the demands of the classroom as well.
  • Students (particularly those doing five days per week of internship work) should be very careful to budget time every week for classwork, and pay particular attention to their sleeping and eating habits. Fatigued students in night classes are a bad thing, and we expect you to be fully adjusted to your new work/class schedule by week three.
  • Meetings: Periodically students and professor will meet together for discussion of internships.
  • Part of the internship grade is contingent on a journal. Start keeping your journal as you begin your internship search. Weekly entries will be required, once you arrive in NY. Just write down your experiences, frustrations, triumphs, etc... everything you're learning as you move through the internship hunt.
  • Attaining Internships process starts a full 6 months out, research of potential internships and submission of applications for internships are entirely the student's responsibility.

FAQs and answers:

What if I don't have an internship secured before I get to NYC?

We hope it does not come to this, and make every effort to avoid it. However, if this situation occurs, your job search will be graded. You will be required to spend the required internship time looking for, researching, and interviewing for internships. If an internship has not been secured within the first month, the internship will transform into an industry research assignment, with required interviews of industry leaders and professionals, assignments, etc.

How much academic time should I plan?
The classes will be challenging. We'll have class about 6 hrs. per week (3 hrs. for each class), and there will be about 3-4 hrs. of additional activity some weeks (e.g. field trips, film screenings). As for homework, expect about 100-120 pages of reading every week (that's the total of all your classes combined). In addition to that you'll be writing papers and working on other assignments.

Independent Study Option

  • Independent study should typically support the internship in some way
  • Basic structure of independent studies:
    • Final Paper written a style that combines a journal of personal work experience (your internship) with required readings, chosen between the student and Dr. Kickasola.
    • Required discussion time with professor and other students
    • Monthly meetings: once a month all students will meet together for a discussion of independent studies.
    • Reviews from supervisors: twice a semester you will be evaluated by your supervisor at your internship. This evaluation is factored into the grade.


Guest Lectures and Research Trips:
  • Past guest lecturers: Zbig Rybczynski (Oscar-winning film director), Tony Hale (actor, Fox's Arrested Development), Jay Linden and John Vilade (Business Development, NBC), Jim Alcorn (Photographer, NY Post) and Ben Kaufmann (Architect, Koenen and Associates, Manhattan), Jon Silvis (internationally exhibited artist), Martel Thompson (make-up and special effects, The Royal Tenenbaums and Saturday Night Live, among other credits). In addition to the lectures, students were given a tour of NBC Studios including the sets for Saturday Night Live and Dateline.
  • Scheduled Research Trips: Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of the Moving Image.


Will be announced by email a month or two from the beginning of the semester. They may be ordered online from the Baylor bookstore (and shipped to your home or to your address at the dormitory) or you may find them from another source. The Baylor Bookstore online ordering service URL is:


  • Library Use: there will be a limited number of books and films in the BCNY library for student checkout. Loss or damage will result in loss of deposit and suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • New York Public Library: library cards may be obtained with confirmation of a New York address; a bill addressed to you at the dormitory is sufficient (e.g., a cell phone bill). Letters will be issued at the beginning of the semester. Students will be required to use the libraries in the city system.
  • Other academic libraries: Many local schools (e.g., Columbia) permit you to browse their collection for free. Checkout privileges, if desired, may be purchased.