Baylor in New York - Schedule

Typically, the program’s semester will start around the same time regular Baylor classes begin and end, with some variation due to a more condensed schedule in New York.

KEY:You are a “fall student" if you intend participate during a fall semester (your “target" semester). You are a "spring student" if you intend to participate during a spring semester.

Academic Year PREVIOUS to Target Semester in NYC

Applications will be available every fall for the following academic year, with a due date sometime in January (e.g., applications sent out in November of 2020 will be for attendance in NYC during the 2021-22 school year, and will be due sometime in January of 2021). Each student should begin researching internships right away, but it will likely be too early to actually apply.

Upon acceptance every student will be given two weeks to pay a deposit (currently $800, subject to change) in order to hold his/her spot; this deposit will count as your first payment toward the program fee. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Those failing to pay the deposit on time may be replaced by an alternate.

The deposit is due ON KEMPER BEARD'S DESK (i.e., you must mail it earlier than that; it must ARRIVE on or before the deadline). Make the check or money order out to Baylor University and put your name and “NYC" and your target semester (fall or spring) in the memo; her address is:
Baylor University
Dept. of Film & Digital Media
Attn: Kemper Beard
One Bear Place #97321
Waco, TX 76798-7368
Her phone number is (254) 710-1511, in case you have questions

A payment schedule for the remaining amount due on the program fee will then be given, and it will stretch into the following summer, with all payments to be due before the target academic year begins (same address and payment procedure as the deposit). All students, regardless of whether they are attending spring or fall semesters, will be required to pay on the same schedule. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Those failing to pay the scheduled payments on time may be replaced by an alternate.

The semester before (e.g. - spring 2019 for target semester of fall 2019.)
  • Begin picking a roommate. If you do not pick a roommate, one will be assigned to you around one month before you are due to come to NYC.
  • As a result of your application, you will already be applying for internships. Some companies may want to interview you about 3 months out from your target semester. Our experience is that interviewing in person is very helpful with most companies (NBC, ABC), but not always necessary with some (e.g., MTV networks). If you can afford it at all, it will probably be worth it to fly to New York around interview time to interview in person.
  • Registration as per normal schedule.
Move-In Weekend and First day of the Program
The program will typically start around the first day of the semester for normal Baylor classes, with some variation. Move-in dates will be the weekend before classes begin. Exact dates will be announced by email a few months in advance.

A "to do" list and checklist of what to bring is in the handbook, and will be emailed to you.

Class Times
Classes meet Monday and Wednesday nights, from 7pm to 10:30pm (i.e., two classes, one night each per week). There is break in the middle of each class each evening. You should add an additional 4-6 hrs. for activities and extra meetings (this is a rough estimate and will vary from week to week). Most of these extra events will be on Saturdays, and will not be every week.
Final Day of the Program
The last day of the program is typically close to the final day of classes in Waco. Specific dates will be announced in advance of each semester.
Every student will be required to checkout with an R.A. before leaving the premises, or all deposits will be forfeited. Students should plan one hour for checkout, and must schedule this time with the R.A.s a minimum of 72 hours in advance of departure.
No students are permitted to stay at the dormitory beyond the final day of the program.