Baylor in New York - Information for Non Film & Digital Media Majors

Attention students who are not Film & Digital Media, Communication or Communication Specialist Majors:

If the student is not majoring in the Film & Digital Media or Communication departments. (i.e., the majors listed above), you must register for all classes as they are listed in the catalog each semester (typically as they are listed in this handbook, with only minor changes in section number from time to time). Though we wish we could permit students from other majors to pursue independent studies and internships under the course numbers of their own departments, the accounting structure of the University does not currently permit this without harm to the budget of the program. Journalism is the one exception to this, as they have often provided JOU courses SPECIFICALLY for the NY program, with Dr. Kickasola as the professor of record. These may be taken as published in the schedule.

However, other departments may choose to count these Film & Digital Media courses toward their respective majors; the student should pursue this option with his/her respective department chair before committing to the program. Dr. Kickasola invites students to contact him for assistance with communication between the program and other departments. However, failure to persuade another department for said credit will NOT be considered grounds for a refund of deposits and/or payments toward the program fee.